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As the chaotic 2020 is over, all of us are feeling a bit relieved. Now it’s time to look at the next 12 months to see what you can achieve.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was an unpredictable year. That means the trends which were predicted before the pandemic somehow survived, while others didn’t get a chance to stay visible.

Especially, e-commerce sales went sky high, people spent a lot of their free time on social media platforms, video chatting, and conferencing became a new trend to follow. This dramatically changed the relationship between the brand and its customers.

So, as 2021 just started, what marketing trends will most likely continue to dominate this year? Continue reading the article to gather more information about some new key trends.

Live Streams Are Best To Increase Influential Content

Stay and work from home means events have been canceled and consumers couldn’t attend the special events physically. They were even forbidden to socialize with their friends or family members or close ones.

As a consequence, a major number of people turn into live-streaming. Whether it was a brand promotion live stream, a live gaming video, or a live online workshop, people found out that it’s the best way to connect with the world without going out. 

A survey from Facebook stated that watch time for live-videos has been increased by 50%, while on Instagram it is 70%. There’s a high chance that this graph will continue to increase later in 2021.

When you perform or introduce yourself through live-streaming, it will create a trustable vibe among your consumers. Many live-streaming platforms such as Amazon Live really succeeded during the pandemic. Influencers used the platform to promote their products as well. Additionally, you could shop through live-streaming, which means the viewer could buy any of their favorite products while they were enjoying the stream.

If you are confused, then it’s suggested to consult a Digital Marketing Agency. Also, you can join a digital marketing course to enhance your digital skills.

More Meaningful Purposes from Brands

Smart brands are those that scrutinize their customers on social media. This will help them to create a conversion. However, transparency is the key thing to achieve this.

The customers will not engage with a brand if they notice an insincere figure. Honestly, they will not invest in a brand they don’t believe in. This is why the connection is very much important for a brand to remain trusted in 2021.

In modern days, brands are forced to research more on their customers to get a fruitful result. A Deloitte report stated that brands have to realize the reason for their existence and their purpose of service.

It’s a matter of fact that you have seen brands growing rapidly. However, the growth will become much larger this year.

Boost the Customer Experience through UGC

None other than customer experience should be your top priority. According to, customers look for brands that could offer them needed services efficiently. However, they want solid proof and assurance before buying anything. After all, everyone fears making the wrong decision.

User-generated content (UGC) is the most effective way for connective content:

  • It’s very much reliable and highly uplifting.
  • It has the capability to build as well as strengthen the communities.
  • It helps the brand to create a lot more relevant content.
  • It helps brands to connect with their customers.

UGC has never disappointed any brands to build a relationship with their customers.

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The Company Environment Is Important

More than 80% of customers believe that the environment is the first thing a company should improve.

This is not a surprise. Over the few years, brands started to move towards a more sustainable future, whether it’s through their service, their packaging, their materials, or something else which is unique.

People want a planet green, and consumers are prioritizing the brands which are more concerned and purpose-driven about the environment. Brands are suggested to use this as a key feature to improve sustainability in 2021.

Many brands started ocean clean-up, which is beneficial both for them and nature. In late October, they came up with a product created entirely from the plastics from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Some brands use third-party applications to share information about their project or how they recycle waste from the ocean to build something new.

Inclusivity Will Be Proven As a Key Factor

Aside from other trends, inclusivity also became a big picture in 2020 with the ‘black lives matter’ slogan points out to the various elements of society.

An Accenture study states that inclusivity also having an impact on the purchasing behaviors of customers, with more than 37% of online shoppers turning back retailers who don’t promote their views and opinion on diversity and identity and 29% are ready to abandon a brand completely if they fail to show enough diversity.

Brands that don’t promote their views on inclusivity conversations will likely face impacts in 2021. On the other side, brands that are openly discussing their involvement and part in inclusive cases will be more beneficial while strengthening their connections with their buyers.

Don’t Forget the Voice Search

Recently, people are searching through voice assistants like Alexa or Siri. Perhaps people like the method because they are feeling stuck and bored in their home, or perhaps this particular technology works more smoothly than the others.

Not only the voice search will dominate in 2021, but also the other creative search method could get a boost. Applications like Google Lens help customers to search whatever they see. This mean online marketer must focus on the sitemaps and alt-text of images. In a few years, visuals will play a key role in the SEO game.

Easy and Relevant Content

In 2020, people loved to engage with easy and consumable content rather than complexity. Studies proved that more than 50% of Americans now prefer podcasts, while the mention of newsletter boosted by 14%.

Relevant and easy content such as podcasts and newsletters will play a major role in helping the brands to connect with their consumers.


Here are the 7 best digital marketing trends for 2021. For the next 12 months, you will definitely notice these trends going higher and higher. This will help the brands to push their limit as well as create new ways to connect with their buyers.

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