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In today’s digital world, it may seem strange to advertise your business using promotional items. However, this traditional approach to marketing is still very relevant.

The growth of online giveaways has brought promotional merchandise back into the spotlight. These items are also still a big hit at trade shows.

The only downside is the cost. Some of these items are expensive and can eat into your profits. But you still have options.

If you’re gearing up for a trade show or giveaway and want to stay on budget, keep reading. We’re going over seven of the cheapest promotional items that’ll make an impression.

List of Cheapest Promotional Items

1. Bags

Yes, we live in the age of convenience, which means things have gotten more streamlined and compact. However, people still have things they need to carry around.

Using a bag as a promotional item gives you plenty of flexibility. It may not seem like an affordable option at first, but there are ways to bring the cost down.

Consider adding your logo and business name to a tote bag. These are simple, useful, and affordable. Opt for bags made from recycled material to show people your business is eco-friendly.

You can also consider using a laptop bag for a promotional giveaway. Yes, they’re more expensive. However, giving a limited amount to special giveaway winners won’t cost too much.

Think of bags as affordable advertising. Everywhere the bags goes, so does your logo.

2. Smartphone Cases

This inexpensive promotional item is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t need a case for their phone?

What makes promotional smartphone cases so effective is the exposure your brand will get. Each time someone responds to a text message or checks in on Facebook, they’re advertising your business. 

The person who uses your case will also get reminded of you every day. This means they’re more likely to recommend you when they get the chance. 

When designing a custom phone case, you have the opportunity to experiment. Place your logo or business name front and center or opt for something more subtle. 

Remember, people are particular about their phones. Offer a variety of colors to increase the likelihood of your cases getting used. 

3. Buttons

If you’re looking for an inexpensive promotional item you can give away to anyone who visits your business, buttons are a great choice. They’re cheap, fun, and present a perfect opportunity to be creative. 

It’s important to keep your clientele in mind when thinking about marketing items. Buttons are great for clothing businesses, restaurants, or record stores. However, you wouldn’t want to use this item if you’re a consulting firm or law office. 

Many people keep buttons on their bags or rain jacket. This means your business should get plenty of exposure. 

When creating your buttons, you can cut down on the cost by designing them yourself. You can create buttons here and then have the pros manufacture them. 

4. Mugs and Thermoses

This is a classic promotional idea that doesn’t show signs of dying out. Whether you opt for a thermos or coffee mug, most people tend to hold onto these items for a while. 

The effectiveness of this idea lies in its functionality. Everyone needs a coffee mug or thermos for water at the office or at home. 

You may also consider branding a glass bottle. These are useful and eco-friendly, which is probably why they’re so popular.   

Consider this promotional item for your next tradeshow. They also make great additions to gift baskets for your valued clients. 

5. Pens

The promotional item that’s stood the test of time is the pen. These are still highly effective in a world based on digital communication. 

There’s something about a business name or logo on a pen that makes an organization seem more official. People are likely to hold onto one of your pens based on the customization alone. 

This is another promotional item that gets lots of use. Make sure to choose a pen that’s durable and writes well. This cuts down on the chance of it getting thrown away. 

The best part about promotional pens is their affordability. You can order hundreds without having to spend too much. 

Use them in trade shows, conferences, and promotional packets. You can even have them available for visitors to your office or storefront. 

6. Koozies

An item that seems like it was designed specifically for promotional use is the koozie. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a koozie that didn’t have a logo, business name, or slogan on it?

This is another practical promotional item. The fact that they come in handy means people will hang on to them. Many people have a drawer full of their favorite koozies. 

These promotional items are inexpensive to produce in bulk and allow you to be creative. Plus, you have plenty of space to work with. 

Consider including a tagline to your koozie along with your logo. Don’t be afraid to play around with ideas that will catch people’s attention and remain in their heads. 

7. Calendars

Want a promotional item people are likely to hold on to for the entire year? A calendar is a perfect choice. 

Yes, everybody has calendars on their phones, tablets, and laptops. However, there’s something charming about having a physical calendar hanging by your desk. 

The best thing about a promotional calendar is you have twelve pages of real estate. Do something unique on each page or use imagery related to your industry. 

Regardless of the idea you come up with, make sure the graphic elements of your calendar are attractive. A person must want to hang your calendar up. 

The Cheapest Promotional Items Are Also Effective 

Don’t think that because you’re using affordable promotional items, people won’t pay attention to them. You can easily make an impression by giving away simple, but unique items. 

Keep this list of the cheapest promotional items in mind and make your next online giveaway or tradeshow a hit. 

We hope this article has given you some great ideas. Please feel free to look through the rest of our site for more marketing information and advice.

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