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ActiveCampaign’s brilliant Automation feature (with miscellaneous sub-options)makes it a leader in the e-mail software market, despite few drawbacks in payment via PayPal and dashboard hiccups; it still solves the key issues of any customer to promote his or her business through e-mail marketing.

Affordable Pricing & Features

No glitches when it comes to pricing. It emerges as a one-stop email marketing service and for any customer, there is no need for wandering here and there in the complexities, it is easy-to-use and starts as low as $9 per month. This cool pricing is way economical when we compare it with the market.

What more, you get unlimited amount of emails that go with all ActiveCampaign price plans. Third-party integration is another plus that you get in this price, as well as, the mega Automation feature has already won the hearts of millions of customers.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan

The similar products in the market are way expensive and offer less features. Let’s go through the pricing one by one

  • It offers unlimited emails, 500 contacts at $9 Plan
  • CRM is added in plus plan, when you’d upgrade your basic subscriber plan of $9.It also gives you custom domain and custom branding, once you upgrade your basic plan.
  • The enterprise plan includes on boarding, special account representative and 100,000 contacts as icing on the cake. For $29 per month, you can chose all this or go for a custom plan.
  • In $45 per month, you will have 5000 contacts, CRM and many advanced features and this goes on as you opt for various plans.
  • If you opt for annual payment, there is a staggering 15% off, and you can save money. However, ActiveCampaign does not offer pay-as-you go plans whatsoever. So, you have to keep that in mind.
  • Another plus is that during the 14 days trial period, you do not need a credit card. Considering the market, this is a huge benefit where you can enjoy the program for free and no credit-card is involved. Unlike the competitors, who offer 30 days trial and credit card verification, this is indeed a better deal.
  • The dashboard appears to be messy, however as the dust settles, you can find it pretty easy to use dashboard. The user interface is good here, and you can toggle between social activity feed, social shares, click rates, deal pipelines, CR option, unsubscribe list and way more.

How to Create a Subscriber List

You can import and export CSV files or you can use a third-party service by first opening the contacts tab. You can simply add subscribers by this. ActiveCapaign allows third-party services, which any competitors’ lack. This proves to be a huge plus. Once your list of subscribers is created, you can simply send e-mail by automation or segmentation or deal pipeline and you are set to go! However, for each list a,” NAME” has to be put in and that is the only thing you need before you start using the subscribers list.

activecampaign reviewHow to set up a Campaign

Open the campaign tab on your dashboard, give a suitable name to it and you are done. Your newsletter is ready to put details in. Type and after you are done writing, chose from the subscriber lists that you would like to use.

ActiveCampaign’s brilliant and powerful features such as automated (custom based), autoresponder (subscriber based), A/B test, RSS-triggered, or date-based will all be very handy here. Once, you are done, click next. Then you can always add various lay outs, colors and splendid themes to magnify your newsletter presentation.

activecampaign contactsUse drag and drop to add whatever you chose including text, video and even HTML. Lastly, add the subject, do not forget to confirm and re-check the list and click SEND. Your business promotion process is gladly on its way. Moreover, you can check spam score to see which of your newsletters couldn’t make their way in to the subscriber’s inbox. Auto-responders trigger on subscribers birthday and anniversaries, an auto-generated message sent to your subscribers.

Tracking a Campaign and Customer Support

The reports will help you track the leads, and for any assistance, you can always count on the CRM. You will be updated daily and you can keep a good track of all your sent, relieved, upcoming events, sales reports and spam score. Amazing!

activecampaign trackingProminent features and Performance

  • Innovative Sales Funnels & CRM

The deal pipelines makes the customers to extend their business with a list of possible prospects and creating a deal pipeline which carries on the business promotion in a mammoth manner. This is exquisite feature of Active Campaign. It works on the same principal of “Kanban board”. It helps you reach out to your clients in a progressive and powerful way, thus boosting your business even more.

How it works

Step 1:  A sale funnel is integrated into levels

ActiveCampaign allows you to merge your sale cycle into many stages or steps. For instance you are no longer worried about the chaos and messy sales details and lists, all you have to focus is “targeting your sale cycle” into easier stages and those stages go into your deal-pipeline. It is much simpler and easier to make your way with this method.

Step2: Individual Customer segmentation through deal pipeline

In step 2, instead of putting all your deals in the same pipeline, you should go for individual segmentation of customers. The collective option may not suit you, thus separate individual customers before going to the deal pipeline will do immense good to your goal.

Here ActiveCampaign comes to your rescue by allowing you unlimited deal pipelines that you would want to make. Therefore, for each customer you could set or build a different deal pipeline.

For instance, following active leads are Enterprise leads, startup leads, agency leads, and SMB leads. You can simply compare the reports, and check the overall progress in the sale report. This is simply a gigantic plus for your business through email marketing of ActiveCampaign.

  • All Leads must be Active

You simply cannot leave a lead behind nor have no-follow up. To close the deal, you need to follow up and ActiveCampaign makes it happen too, as it allows you to check back and follow up all the leads, so that no business is lost. You can always check back at the leads with a task associated to it. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

  • You can always assign deals to others

With the help of ActiveCampaign auto-assign deal feature, it is now possible to assign multi-deals to your sales people. Otherwise, you can customize and set your own automation rules and then pass it on to your sales people. This will ensure, that all natural sales conditions regarding your goals and business and your deals are on the same page. Toggle between sales type and location, and carry on the best suitable circumstances to your sales people.

  • It’s time to do lead scoring

It is one of the most prominent aspects of email marketing and lead scoring can put you ahead or make you lag behind in terms of business, so proper attention is obligatory. Lead could be differentiated on following terms, 1) cold, 2) marketing qualified,3)sales qualified.

As the names suggest cold or non-active lead scores pretty low, about 7 points. However, a market qualified doubles score by 7-14 points. In case of a Sale qualified an active lead, the score could be maximum. Obviously, you are looking for this Active sale qualified leads, as many as possible.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the most popular, most talked about and most amazing feature of ActiveCampaign and they are quite proud of it. No other competitor in the market comes up with such complete, comprehensive and accurate automation till now.

ActiveCampaign Review – Final Thoughts

It emerges as a one-stop email marketing service and for any customer, there is no need for wandering here and there in the complexities, it is easy-to-use and starts as low as $9 per month. Automation (Welcome email to newly joined customers) is a key feature with advanced integration and supersedes the market in email automation. Despite the few hiccups, ActiveCampaign recommended to users.

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