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If you need certification for the participants in your community or, you are running a school tutoring program for which you need certificates, then you can use Online Certification Software. Mettl is an Online Assessment Platform and they have optimized this so that you can build your own certification program using questions and methods you choose.

1. Creation of the certification program

Choose the questions according to the level of your participants. It might involve simple questions say for MCA students or advanced ones that involve case studies and simulators. You can use software simulators to check the software skills. Devise the questions according to a custom grading logic for each section of the test. You will get support to use flash, images, videos, for the questions or responses. Create sections in your test and allow time for each. Do a workflow and cutoffs to define the level of achievement.

2. Do the marketing for your test program

Start with the discount coupons so you get a step up in your marketing campaign. This should be easy to do. Put a price for your test and then cut it by 10% and offer this coupon. Next, you can make it possible for your participants to take part in using their computer alone. They will not have to make any downloads and so many participants will take the test. Make this interesting so you will get a good conversion rate. Use online payment gateways like PayU and PayPal. Do while labeling to make your candidate stick to your site right through.

3. Use monitoring for your test

This aspect of testing procedure makes it convenient for you to do the grading. Use of video monitoring will help you to keep a watch on the procedure. You can use a remote control to start and stop the test. You can also be in touch with your supervisors all the time. This allows you to pause the test or conduct the test with changes as you see fit. If you see any candidate behavior is out of the normal, then you can get clarification from the supervisors. And use recorded versions of the entire session to help check on modalities and for evaluation of the candidates.

4. Certify the passing candidates

You can make your own certificates for the passing candidates with custom data and QR codes. The certificates are attractive and will please the test takers. Give authentication for these certificates online from your portal. Use the QR codes or an authentication URL to verify these certificates.

Use gamified workflows to give certificates. Preset performance criteria so there is a smooth flow all the time. Prepare reports on candidate performances. Use built-in charts and graphs to give an assessment of the performance. Combine reports for each batch and make these also available on demand. This allows the parents to view and compare the performance of an individual and group level. The quick one-step platform makes it easy to distribute reports and study performances.

Use analytics based on group and individual data to get insights into how the performance changed within a group.

Good access and availability

You can give certification software capabilities, professional expertise, product certification, and more. These certificates could be for a low level, a medium level, or a high-level certification. You only need a bandwidth of 128 kbps only and you get to conduct your certification on their platform. It has the certification by ISO 9001 for quality management. They deliver 50+k assessments all over the world. They can manage large volumes of candidate records and content. This remains hosted on Amazon Cloud for ease of use.

Advantages of using our platform

First thing is that you have an all-in-one platform for all your certifications including PSM certification dumps. Most of the institutes need only one kind of certification. That is one of the following:

  • Software certification
  • Industry certification
  • Educational certification

All your assessment and certification needs become simpler by using this platform. This is simple to use and you don’t need training for using it.

The software is customizable so you can change it any way you like. You can do branding for items you plan to sell and do marketing. Since everything remains streamlined, one will not have any problems working out the process. It is easy to make changes according to one’s product. The powerful technology helps you to use a small bandwidth to create high concurrency. Also, they give you support through email and phone. You can even call by visiting the website and using the Live Chat feature.

Importance of having certification

In this competitive world, everyone is out to beat their competitor by any means. So, having an extra certification will help you become “better” than your colleague. When you apply for a post, you can use this to lever an advantage for yourself. There are hundreds of certificates you could use. If you run any kind of training program, you can issue certificates to your students.

Many holiday event organizers arrange camping and hiking trips. You could print a certificate of participation for these events. This will add to your academic certification and be of use when you appear for a competitive exam. If you volunteer for medical help, the authority will issue a certificate for your participation. These certificates need to remain organized with the signatures from the proper authorities.

Certificate printing facility

Make your own program to make certificates for various programs. This will prove to be lucrative if you find enough contacts. Of course, conducting interviews will need proper support and software. This is another event that you could use to set up as a side venture. You can take up subcontracts from people that want certificates and make it ready for them.

Those that have the ability can arrange for making certification easy. This may be in any field such as a paralegal assistant, an accounting assistant, or special education certificates. Many of the students take up Human Resource Certification. This way, they can take part in employee training, career development, and performance management.

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