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Presently, it doesn’t seem to be easier to grow your Instagram organically. Most of us have been experiencing a drop in the engagement and follower figures that can be too much annoying when you are 100% sure that you are doing all right and good things.

In actuality, it can be too much frustrating that many people are turning towards third-party applications that promise to grow your Instagram organically. It can be persuasive; you want the engagement to get back to as usual. But enticing though it may be but it is fine to be factual.

Through Instagram ‘bot,’ you can result in Instagram to restrict the content visibility of yours, limiting the account or even worse, disabling the Instagram account altogether.

Already you may have heard of “Instagram shadowban”. It’s the term that is used for describing a terrifying situation.  There are several things Instagram doesn’t like you doing and using the bot to get more and more engagement and likes is one of them.

If you are thinking you cannot use bots and how you will be supposed to grow your Instagram organically. It seems to be impracticable nearly.

Well, impossible is not anything.

Here in this blog post, you will come across several techniques that will help to grow naturally the Instagram account without making use of bots, or buying followers, or any other shady techniques.

Research thoroughly the focused audience-

There isn’t any long-term benefit of promoting the content to the people that don’t have any interest in you and merely feel like to like back. In no time they will unfollow you and you will just be left thinking where all it went incorrect.

If you got the proper target audience on Instagram right, you will get a greater engagement rate and it means that your post will appear greater in the feeds of your followers and is a win-win situation.

Several things are there you can do to understand better the aimed audience on Instagram.

Get an overview of the demographic makeup of the follower base inclusive of age, gender, location. Then you must try researching stats deeply like when your followers are online or what language they use and so on.

Keep full observance of the competitors’ with a similar target audience. What types of imagery are being shared by them? Do they write captions?  If they write, what they write and about writing style? Put the full focus on the successful posts of the competitors and then try to break it down to understand the reasons the post worked so well with their target audience.

To know anything, you can ask the existing audience about the favorite kind of Instagram content and the accounts being followed by them. Ask them in the other Instagram post or story and wait for the useful insight to roll in.

To grow your Instagram organically you must ensure to deliver at the correct time as per the expectations of the audience.

Plan further-

You have got the idea of who is your audience and you know what your competitors are up to, you know what kind of content work the best in your world. Now is the time to think about the content strategically. In other words, do not post anything you are not at all confident about, stick to the brand look and use the scheduling tool for planning the feed, ensuring that everything fits very well together before your feed in advance, ensuring that everything fits together visually before posting.

Planning will help you make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your news feed.  Additionally, if you do not plan and just post everything at once, you will run out of content and that sure is not going to bring new followers.

Like and comment on the accounts identical to yours-

Follow and like for the sake of following and like is not going to help in the long run but there is nothing wrong with commenting, liking, and following the accounts that are relevant to your own to get the disclosure. be sure that you are doing this manually yourself and put the efforts to be genuine, interesting, and never spammy.

You need not have to write the essay but referring to the actual post and giving the option of asking the question is a good place to start. Setting aside between thirty minutes to one hour daily to concentrate on Instagram will leave a huge impact over time on your growth.

Make use of relevant hashtags-

Hashtag no doubt is the best discoverability tool but there isn’t any need of using the full 30 hashtag allowance that is provided by Instagram. Instead of using 30 different hashtags on each post and the risk of one of those being blacklisted, make use of a few but well-researched that can reflect the content. 7 to 10 hashtags are sufficient. Keep in mind that your content is what is promised by your hashtag.

It is good to remember that the more popular hashtag you uses, the greater competition you are up against getting the content found. Choose mid-range or niche hashtags for providing a better opportunity of getting discovered but ignore all incomprehensible that none would like to hunt for.

Why don’t you promote your Instagram on other channels?

You shouldn’t miss the chance of promoting the Instagram account organically on the other owned channels. Think about other visual channels like Facebook, Tumblr to reach huge targeted people. Also, you may add the widget to the Facebook page that embeds and display the Instagram news feed. Also, you can create a post announcing that a competition you are running on Instagram for bringing the Facebook audience to the Instagram account.

Even you can embed the post to your blog post or you can run a pop-up on your website and so on.

Another thing is that you can share the Instagram story on Facebook. Although the businesses don’t have access to the Facebook stories but it must be possible for those also.

Summing up-

So here we have discussed the best techniques to grow your Instagram organically. It’s on you which one you like.

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