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2019 is just a month away, and you might be wondering how to make it big as a seller on Amazon. While we all know that Amazon is a great platform for sellers, especially for those who want to start an online business. But, selling on Amazon could be difficult as well if you don’t have a proper strategy or if you are not aware of the basic stuff which can help you to sell your products on Amazon. Today, Amazon is one of the renowned platforms for e-commerce, and it is crowded with sellers.

Have you ever thought about how you will compete with the other seller? Even they might be selling the same products. If you are on Amazon, you have to market your product accordingly so that it can reach the target customers. This article will discuss some tips which will help you to market your products on Amazon. So, 2019 is just around the corner, and this article will definitely help you to market your products on Amazon. As a seller, nothing could make you happy more than a healthy conversion rate, which is around 15 percent.

The first thing which you should look at is the “Title” of the product page on Amazon. Most of the buyers will judge the product through the title of the product page. Hence, it is extremely important that you provide an appropriate title for your product page. The title needs to be short but extremely descriptive. As per the Amazon norms, the title needs to within 250 characters. Hence, you need to be extremely creative while you decide on the title. In case you need professional help on this then you can engage one the Amazon marketing agencies. The title should include the brand name, product name and any of the distinguishing factor of the product. The title should have at least a couple of target keywords. In this regard, you can make use of Google Keyword Planner or Merchant Words. You can also engage a consultant who provides Amazon seller consulting and suggests you on the keywords.

The next thing which plays an important part is the product image. The image definitely creates an appeal in the mind of the shopper. So, by looking at the image either the shopper is going to click on the image, or he might ignore it completely. It is true images at first place can relate to a lot of things, and can attract the buyer. You need to make sure that the image is of high quality, and it is per the Amazon rules.

The image should include only the product image with a white background. The main image should not accessories. Amazon allows around 9 images for a particular listing. Hence, try to provide around 6-7 images, that should describe the product. The image should have minimum 1000 pixels X 1000 pixels. You can also source high-quality images from websites such as

The next thing which you should look at is product description. Amazon allows a description in bullet points. These bullet points can effectively seal the deal for you if they are good and descriptive. Most of the buyers prefer to read the bullet points, rather than the detailed description. Make sure that each point has only one to three sentences, and not more than that.

The bullet points should not be lengthy. In the description, it is always recommended to use basic HTML markup, possibly highlighting the keywords or phrases. At any point, the description should not be jumbled up. You can also make use of the Enhanced Brand Content feature on Amazon. This allows the seller to enhance the product description with additional images and comparison charts.

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