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A print on demand business can be a very valuable experience for those who want to make money or learn more about digital marketing and ecommerce. 

For some, it turns out as a full-time work and is the sole source of income whereas others treat it as a side project. 

Setting up a print on demand store with the help of is quite easy as you can find all the information about the installation process on the Printify website. And once you add some products like t-shirts or hoodies, start advertising.

The customers will not come to your site if you will sit idly without lifting a finger. No, taking a proactive approach is the way to go. And the marketing methods below will be a good place to start.

Method #1 – SEO

Search engine optimization requires a lot of resources if you want to end up at the top pages of Google. Thus, it may be a bit of a challenge to overtake the competition if you are lacking in the fund department.

Nevertheless, there are some things you can do without having to spend thousands of dollars. Every little bit helps when it comes to SEO. Image optimization, website’s loading speed (make sure your hosting provider is reliable), meta titles and descriptions, appropriate keywords in product descriptions and blog posts. 

If you want to end up in a good place, do as much as you can. Otherwise, you will be an owner of another ecommerce project with hardly any sales.

Method #2 – PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing is efficient because advertisers pay only for those ads that get a click. In other words, people who visit your site from PPC ads are more likely to spend money because they clicked on the ad for a reason, which, in this case, is getting interested in checking out the product you are advertising.

With all that said, do not expect to break a leg with pay-per-click as it is still a relatively tough formPPC Marketing of marketing that requires a lot of fine-tuning before you figure out the best formula for writing ad texts. Finally, there is always an option to hire a professional who can be in charge of PPC campaigns for your brand.

Method #3 – Social Media

Social media continues to grow and according to Emarsys, the number of users on such platforms reached 3.5 billion. That is almost half the Earth’s population.

Businesses and brands are looking to increase their presence on websites like Instagram and Facebook with the hopes of converting followers to paying customers.

Social media platforms are a powerful ally as they allow you to directly interact with customers by replying to their comments, organizing polls, giveaways, and contests. It takes time and effort to build a decent following, but when it comes to various recommendations and pieces of business advice, you will find that social media is recognized universally as one of the cornerstones for any type of marketing.

Method #4 – Email Marketing

email marketingIt is recommended to get started on collecting an email list as soon as you launch your website. Encourage website visitors to sign up for a newsletter or special offers they would receive via emails.

Email marketing is a good method to remind people about your brand when they do not bother visiting for a long time. Not to mention the fact that personalized and special offers to your most loyal customers can also be sent using an email. 

Method #5 – Leveraging Local Communities

A business does not have to rely entirely on the internet and people from other parts of the world. No, when it comes to promoting custom-made merchandise, finding someone who would be interested in your local communities is not something out of the realm of impossibilities.

There might be a big event coming up, or perhaps a group has recently started their movement for a good cause and could use some t-shirts or other products to advertise their intentions to the rest? 

Keep up with what is happening and trending around you and who knows. It might turn out to be the best chance to make money yet.

Method #6 – Establishing Great Relationships with Your Customers

Sustainability is one of the things that separate well-established businesses from the rest. And in order to achieve sustainability, one has to emphasize the importance of customers among other things.

Your customer support department should always be available and ready to answer any questions sent to an email, via live chat, or even on social media. And the quicker the response time, the better.

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