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You don’t have to be a skincare expert to know that stress is a leading factor of acne. People who have acne breakouts almost always know that the reason for it is high levels of stress and that is specifically why they need to be extra careful with their everyday skincare routine. Whether it is just off-the-counter or prescription medication, you need to take it as strictly as you take your birth control medication. We all the side-effects of skipping out on those, right?

Most dermatologists forget to factor in stress when they are prescribing acne medication. Acne is the outcome of stress and this means that if you only target the outcome and not the cause, everything becomes a circle. Acne will just keep coming back and make acne removal even more difficult than the first time around. This doesn’t mean that you have your doctor prescribe you medication for skin. What it means is that you prepare your skin the way men prepare for war. Cover every possible outcome so that your skin gets its nutrition and doesn’t create excess sebum, but more on that later.

5 Best Acne Treatments of 2018

  • Benzoyl

This acne face wash was not designed for sensitive skin. It tackles acne the hard way by targeting bacteria and preventing further acne outbreaks. You can use it not only on your face but on your entire body!

  • SMACNE Acne Treatment

With its acne tackling abilities and soothing aloe cleansing, SMACNE is the perfect acne treatment for your skin! First you treat acne, and then you cleanse your skin with the aloe cleanser meant to calm your pores and make them glow!

  • Proactiv

This 3-step acne treatment by Proactiv is just what you need to help clear your skin out again. It prevents further acne breakouts by cleansing, toning and repairing your skin the way it is meant to.

  • Clean &Clear

Post acne marks can stress you out a lot but not when there is an acne treatment like this to clear it right up again. Clean &Clear has always been a pioneer of skin and in this 5 ounce acne spot treatment, you get the most affordable acne treatment in town.

Exposed Skin Care

We all strive for that healthy glowing skin but the process costs a fortune. This acne treatment by Exposed Skincare is easy on the pocket and restores your skin to its former glory.

exposed skin care acne treatment

Tackling Blackheads on Oily Skin

If you have oily skin then you must get whiteheads that are stubborn, won’t go away and blackheads that are humungous in size. When you are going through high levels of stress, you get acne but it is not the kind of acne you get when you are going through exam finals or more of the same.

When your skin produces excess oil, it collects in your pores along with dead skin. Your pores don’t only shed dead skin but also a lot of oil which can sometimes be too much for them. They in turn gain in size and this is where dead skin and oil collects under hardened skin thereby turning into blackheads and whiteheads that are impossible to get rid of.

The biggest misconception of people who have oily skin is that alcohol based products will help cure acne. Alcohol is never good for your skin. One of the few benefits of oily skin is that it ages slower than dry skin. What alcohol does is deprive the skin entirely of its moisture which then leads to even bigger breakouts. You should remember that if your skin starts to tingle while you put a product on, it is not right for you.

The biggest acne medication solution to acne for oily skin would be gentle cleansing. You can make use of a lot of light-weight facial cleansers out there that will help clean your pores and allow your skin to repair itself as you sleep.

Even though your skin produces oil, it doesn’t mean you need to stop moisturizing your skin. Acne is caused by oil which is produced in large quantities when your skin feels like it has to compensate for the missing moisture. But, if you regularly moisturize your skin along with facial cleansers then you can forego spending a lot of money every month on acne treatment altogether.

Getting Rid of Tiny Red Pimples on Dry Skin

Instead of black and whiteheads, people with dry skin suffer through small red pimples when they are under stress. But apart from stress, they can also be caused by chemicals that irritate the skin that are created by their own immune systems. Since the pores in dry skin tend to be smaller due to them producing less oil, there isn’t much room in them to collect oil and dead skin. But since the walls of the pores are in close contact with blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin, the come in contact with the chemicals released by the immune system.

The small pimples usually found on the forehead and temple region for people who have dry skin are not caused by bacteria, so don’t invest in high end best acne treatments just yet. Hear us out. When your skin produces a hormone called histamine after coming in contact with the chemicals produced by your immune system.

The trick is to eliminate things from your daily skincare routine that may cause irritation of even the smallest amount. Essential oils that may contain mint, peppermint or even menthol will easily irritate your skin. When your skin is irritated by these compounds, that is when it becomes stressed and those small red pimples pop up.

While stress may cause acne, acne gives way to more stress and then it just becomes a never ending cycle. There is however an easy way to cure all of it, no matter what skin type you are. In a few easy steps, you can secure your skin’s health.

Immediate Action against Acne

If you get lazy, your acne will only get all the more worse. At the first sign of a pimple, you need to use best acne treatment in the market. What you need are products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as this help cure the skin of acne.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

One of the biggest contributors to acne are dead skin cells. Instead of falling of like they should, they clog open pores and along with sebum, they turn into massive blackheads and painful pimples. One might assume facewashes will help rectify this situation but no, you need to regularly exfoliate your skin as well. You can invest in an exfoliator from your local drugstore but if you can’t, you can always mix one part sugar and two parts olive oil and use that as an exfoliator after a hot shower. The reason why you should do this after a hot shower is simple. Since hot water enlarges pores, an exfoliator will do its job more easily and give you better results.

Avoiding Skin Related Diets

Most people believe that it is actually the skincare products that are causing breakouts and therefore they boycott them all together in the hopes that their skin will recover. That is not true. By depriving your skin of essential skincare products like moisturizer, you are drying it out. This will end up causing an even worse acne outbreak than before. Your skin requires a healthy moisture level to remain glowing and acne free, don’t deprive it of that.

Feed Your Skin That Glow

What many people don’t understand is the impact a well-balanced diet has on skin. In order to get that healthy glowing skin, try to add dark leafy greens into your diet along with tropical fruits like kiwi and mango, squash, fruits and veggies that contain vitamins A, C, E as well as fiber. For the sake of your skin, avoid processed foods as much as you can as this will only incorporate toxins into your skin that may cause inflammation.

Final Thoughts

Skin can be a complicated thing. Gone are the days when girls would do nothing for their skins and still have it glow, that stuff only ever happens in movies anyway. Try to take care of your skin as if it were a baby. Avoid products and foods that cause breakouts, because if they do, they weren’t good for you to begin with. Apart from all the skin care remedies mentioned above, get at least 8 hours of sleep every night unless you want your skin to look ashy!

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