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Undeniably, men’s attractiveness often assessed by beard he has. Considering the fact that our face tells a lot about our personality, having a well-groomed and scented beard could sky-high one’s confidence and appeal. Having said, beard oil is one of the products that have proven to help millions of men worldwide in grooming, styling, and taking care of facial asset.

“97% of the women prefer a man with beard. The remaining 3% do too”.

While a beard that is messy, scruffy, or full of beardruff could affect one’s personality negatively, using reliable beard oil can nurture the underlying skin, nourishing beard and adding an eye-grabbing aspect to a person. Not only this, the best beard oil has proven to enhance growth and thickness of beard, covering up the empty patches effectively.

However, when it comes to choosing the best beard oil, one can end up in buying one of the subpar beard products due to lack of information. Thus, we’ve created this article to reveal what you should look for in the beast beard oil to feed your beard what’s meant for it. In addition, we have included the highest quality and affordable beard oils to use. Read on to discover everything about beard oils.

The Best Beard Oil in 2018

Here are the top and best beard oils suitable to use on all skin types:

Leven Rose

The Leven Rose’s beard oil falls among the top rated men’s products around the world. This beard oil works perfectly to eliminate any beardruff, skin dryness, itchiness and other skin issues. In addition, Leven Rose beard oil promotes growth of new hairs while thickening the existing ones.

The Gentlemen’s

Just as the name indicates, the Gentlemen has introduced more than just a beard oil that works as a conditioner and softener at the same time. This beard oil is entirely fragrance-free and encompasses 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Honest Amesh

The Hones Amesh beard oil is a perfect option for those who want to give a more classical look to their facial asset. Being hand crafted in the United States, Honest Amesh classic beard oil is packed with 100% natural and organic components.

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Smooth Viking oil is meant for those who have a manly passion than others do. Designed to give your beard a more beastly Viking look, this beard oil keeps your beard tangle-free, smooth, and appealing.


The ArtNaturals beard oil is equipped with a wide range of organic and natural ingredients including jojoba, Vitamin E, and essential oils to keep men’s beard soft, groomed, and attractive. In addition, it keeps your skin healthy, promoting more beard growth.

What Should You Look for in the Top Beard Oil?

When talking about the top beard oils, there are about hundreds of products available online that claim to be best for beard growth. However, none has described about the criteria they had used to rate those products.

Thus, we have decided to unearth the top considerations when choosing reliable oil for beard. Below is what you should look for in beard oil:

Ingredients’ Quality

In essence, beard oils encompass a wide range of essential oils and vitamins. On top, they aim to soften beard, treating the underlying skin against any dryness or itchiness. However, many cheap beard oils include sub-standard ingredients, leaving greasy residual beneath.

In addition, the substandard chemicals, perfumes and other harmful ingredients used in cheap beard oils could cause skin irritation and even severe infections. Thus, it’s wise to choose the best beard oil that comes from a well-acclaimed and reliable manufacturer. On top, the providers that we have mentioned in this guide hold honor of providing top-quality personal grooming products for years to customers worldwide.

Scent – The Personal Touch

Apart from ingredients, perfume serves as a pivotal aspect in beard oil. In addition, perfume reveals a lot about one’s taste in self-grooming. Below are the scent categories available for bear oil:

Manly Scented

When counting on the manly scented beard growth oils, we highlight tobacco scent that offer a warm and blissful whiffsimilar to a whiskey. Besides, vanilla scented beard oils add warmth tone to a man’s personality.

Citrus Scented

Citrus scent is the most commonly used scent in beard oils. The citrus scent could belong to either orange or grapefruit.


Woodsy on another hand could belong to either Northern Fir or Cedar. It adds a more macho tone to one’s personality.

Herbal Scent

Besides the above-mentioned scents, there are various herbal scents available in beard oils. On the herbal side, we have sandalwood, sesame, tea tree, menthol, and anise.

Unscented Beard Oils

The unscented beard oils are encompassed of more organic and natural components. In essence, the unscented beard oils are blended with ingredients including vitamins, natural oils, almond, argan, jojoba and many more. On top, these beard oils are free from any fragrances and are recommended for people who have sensitive skin.

Benefits of Using the Best Beard Oil Brands

Though many people consider beard oil as an additional grooming product with a handful of benefits, however, the best beard oil in reality offers various health benefits along with treatment against severe issues. Below are some of the top advantages men achieve by using reliable beard oil.

  • Beard collects much of the dirt, food residual, and filthy stuff that lead to bacteria development. A beard oil in this case offers sanitization of the underlying skin, provoking growth of bacteria.
  • Large beards and mustache serves as blockage against solar rays, causing skin dryness. This in turn causes enlarged beard follicles that become full of dead skin debris. Beard oil in this case treats skin dryness, making the skin free from skin debris and sebum oil produced naturally in our bodies.
  • Interestingly, beard oil offers an amazing stylingbenefit to men seeking for an elegant appearance. Having said, beard oil nourishes hair, making it more tamed, healthy and appealing.

The Best Way to Use Beard Oil – Achieve Optimum Results

Like any other personal grooming product, beard oil can yield maximum benefits when utilized properly. That said, skin specialists and health experts suggest using beard oil right after you wash your face, as skin becomes too dry afterward and requires immediate moisture. However, people with oily skin should limit using bead oil to one time a day. Beard oil can be applied by pouring a couple of drops on hand. However, men with large beard may apply 5 to 6 drops accordingly.


Though, many people consider every beard oil to be same, however, the high-standard and best beard oils come with a number of health and styling benefits over the cheaper ones. Counting on quality of ingredients and scent, it’s wise to invest only on the best beard growth oil that is safe-to-use and offer zero chances of allergic reactions.

Thus, we have listed below the best beard oils that offer superior and high-quality ingredients, oils, vitamin and perfume. In addition, these beard oils have received a ton of positive customers’ reviews due to their progressive results and safety aspects. You can choose from one of the top beard oils from here.

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