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Over the course of time, humankind has adapted effective ways to commute, communicate, and stay hygienic. When it comes to dental health, none can ignore the importance of keeping teeth clean at all times, considering the nightmares a toothache could cause. Having said, electronic brush stands as the most amazing invention for people who care for dental hygiene.

Besides, an electronic toothbrush comes with some additional features including the smartphone app integration, flashy stickers, and a wide range of brushing modes. Not only this, it motivates the young ones to follow a 3-times a day regime for cleaning teeth. However, when it comes to opting for the best electronic toothbrush, one can end up in taking home a subpar electronic toothbrush that doesn’t offer even the recommended features and sufficient battery-life.

Thus, we’ve created this article to reveal all the aspects, features and factors that you should consider before selecting an electronic toothbrush. In addition, we took some of the recommended and best electronic toothbrushes, tested their features, and discovered the top-performing ones. Read along to discover everything about the best electronic toothbrush:

How We Found the Best Electric Toothbrush?

When highlighting the judgment and selection criteria for the best electric toothbrushes, we examined the industry’s leading manufacturers and evaluated the features they offer in an electric toothbrush.

Undeniably, a non-electric or manual toothbrush could also offer a decent dental hygiene, however, when it comes to removal of plaque and bacteria thoroughly, electric toothbrushes take the lead. The reason lies on their increased number of strokes, varying from 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute. On another hand, the average number of stokes performed manually by a non-electric toothbrush is about 300 strokes per minute. Thus, an electronic toothbrush is a worthy pick for hygiene lovers.

But, various providers sadly don’t meet up to their claims, and a large number of electric toothbrushes have been found to be noisier. However, fantastic features often overcome the noise issue. The compelling features the best electric toothbrush offer includes segmental-timer, exceptional design for better reachability, modes for individual brushing styles and techniques.

Best Electric Toothbrush 2018

Here’re the top recommended electric toothbrush with robust durability and fantastic features’ set. You can choose from one of the best electric toothbrushes below and achieve the next-level dental hygiene:

Philips Sonicare Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

The dentists’ recommended electric toothbrush “Philips Sonicare” holds clinical proof to enhance gum health by 100% when compared to any manual toothbrush. With high oscillations of about 31,000 strokes per minute, this toothbrush can cleanse the strongest plaque from teeth and gum line.

Oral-B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B rechargeable electric toothbrush claims to remove plaque by 300% compared to a manual toothbrush. This toothbrush offers higher number of oscillations, rotations and pulsates, aiding to remove plaque and bacteria more effectively. This toothbrush comes with features such as pressure sensor and timer.

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush

The Waterpik offer the most effective brushing and flossing device. Equipped with robust features, Waterpik flosser and toothbrush are capable to clean off the debris and plaque resided in the gumline and teeth.


PURSONIC offers one of the finest electric toothbrushes. Being equipped with a capability to produce about 40,000 sonic stokes in a minute, this electric toothbrush could cleanse plaque and debris off from teeth with no gum irritation.

Which Type Of Electric Toothbrush Should I Buy?

When talking about the types of electric toothbrushes, one could select as per individual preferences and requirements. In essence, there are two popular types of electric brushes available out there, featuring individual specifications and operating modes. We have listed their aspects, characteristics, and features below. Have a look at them:

Oscillating Electric Toothbrush

The oscillating type electric brush works by rotating back and forth, averaging about 7500 to 8000 strokes in a minute. Unlike a sonic toothbrush, these electric rechargeable toothbrushes do not cause a mere tickling sensation in teeth. However, an oscillating electric toothbrush is comparatively louder and often doesn’t suit to people with sensitive gums.

Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Sonic electric toothbrush on another hands features same visual aspects as the oscillating ones. Interestingly, these rechargeable electric toothbrushes have an amazing vibrating capability of about up to 40,000 strokes in a minute. In addition, these toothbrushes follow fluid dynamics, allowing them to reach the farthest areas with a bit of tickle in our mouth.

Now, if you’re wondering about what toothbrush will be befitting to you, then we they both work miraculously. According to the dentists and physicians, both electric brushes can perform best and offer comfort when used properly.

Electric Toothbrush Battery

Undeniably, longer battery-life plays a vital role while selecting almost any electric device. In addition, it is the case for electric toothbrushes. A rechargeable battery rids users from purchasing conventional battery every now and then. However, users should consider battery-life before opting for any electric toothbrush. In essence, electric toothbrushes’ battery could last for about two week after following a complete recharge.

Electric Toothbrush Features

Irrefutably, the more flashy lights, features, and whistles an electric toothbrush offers, more expensive it eventually becomes. Thus, it’s wise to look for features that one would genuinely need to have optimum dental hygiene. On top, having Bluetooth connectivity in a toothbrush seems wonderful, but it won’t be of any benefit to you unless you plan to monitor your dental hygiene schedule regularly.

Having said, we have created a list of all the essential and additional features that the best electric toothbrush could offer:

  • Segmental-Timer

As systematized as it sounds, segmental timer could take teeth cleaning to next level. With a timer set to about two-minute, a user would be able to ensure that he get sufficient time to cleanse teeth properly. However, according to many well-acclaimed dentists, brushing for about two minutes every day isn’t much efficient and thus, people should prefer setting timer to 3 to 5 minutes for effective teeth cleaning experience.

  • Pressure Sensor

In essence, a pressure sensor works by notifying a user if he gets too hard on the teeth. As stated by the dentists, applying too much pressure on gums could cause issue such as gum recession. In addition, a pressure sensor could either flash light, buzz or even pause the toothbrush to indicate you about excessive pressure on gums. Having a pressure sensor in an electric rechargeable toothbrush could help you improve brushing techniques.

  • Pacer for Quads

This serves as handy yet helpful feature that sets a two-minute timer on segmented into four 30-second intervals. With the help of this feature, a user becomes able to focus deeply on individual quadrants in the mouth. It works by notifying you through vibration, pulse, sound, or flashlight.

  • Various Brushing Modes

Among top features of an electric toothbrush are the different brushing modes. Having said, each brushing modes offers individual benefits such as gum massage, enhanced cleaning, and much more. The different brushing modes could vary as per number of oscillations and vibrations produced. However, using different brushing techniques could help in same way as different brushing modes.

  • Number of Strokes per Minute

Undeniably, number of strokes produced by an electric toothbrush makes a major contribution in both cleaning and causing tickle in gums. An electric toothbrush could make about 40,000 strokes in a minute. Though higher number of strokes could clean teeth more effectively, but according to dentists, about 8,000 strokes per minute is enough to have optimal teeth cleaning.

  • App Connectivity

We live in an age of connectivity and integration of devices with apps. In essence, IoTs or Internet of Things have taken the world by storm, and an electric toothbrush with app connectivity falls among handy IoTs. Having said, an electric brush with app integration feature allows users to track their dental hygienic activities, helping them improve their hygienic and cleaning habits. Not only this, some electric toothbrush offers gaming while brushing that promote children to have regular cleaning sessions.

Final Thoughts

Having an electric toothbrush is a worthy decision. It could provide users with better dental hygiene, comfort, and fun. Though, manual toothbrush offers decent dental cleaning, electric toothbrushes have a wide-range of additional features encompassed in them. In addition, the best electric toothbrush recommended below offer all the essential and amazing features along with a durable battery-life for best experience.

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