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Everyone knows that a good cleanser is the foundation of an efficient skin care regimen. But have you ever given thought to why that is so? Let’s look at all the reasons why a good cleanser is important for your skins regardless of the type of skin you have.

Importance of Using a Cleanser

Most people are under the illusion that they must only invest in a cleanser if they use makeup frequently. This is not true. It is essential for everyone to wash their faces with a cleanser, the frequency of it can depend on the environmental conditions they are exposed to. Facial cleansers serve an array of purposes including removing pollutants from your face, removing makeup, bacteria and even unwanted debris that may have collected on your face throughout the day. Once you find the best face wash for your skin, all of your skin problems will disappear.

It is proper cleansing that allows any skin product that you apply after to have its full effect on your skin, such as a moisturizer or a healing serum. When you cleanse your skin, you clean your pores and that is what needs to absorb moisturizers and serums to have their desired impact. If you don’t cleanse and just keep on investing your money on other skin products then you may as well be throwing money down the drain.

Best Facial Cleanser 2018

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser

An incredible cleansing formula that removes oil from your skin without irritating your skin. It is fragrance free and will cleanse your skin completely with its gentle foamy lather. If you have oily skin, this is the right fit for you!


Sometimes Vitamin C is all your skin needs to regain that healthy glow. With this Vitamin C infused cleanser, your skin will feel rejuvenated and reduce fine lines and aging. What is so good about this cleanser is that it works for all skin types!

Aztec Secret

The Aztec Secret cleanser is ideal for oily skin because it cleans the pores deeply and naturally. It purifies your pores and leaves your skin feeling fresh and glowing.


Sometimes makeup stays on your skin and clogs all your pores. If you wear makeup everyday then this cleanser is the right fit for you. It restores healthy natural oils on your skin and removes all the excess sebum you don’t need.

Cetaphil Daily

This cleansing formula was created specifically for all skin types. It removes all the surface oils from your skin that you don’t need but at the same time leaves room for healthy oils on your skin so your skin never feels too tight or too dry! It will unclog your pores without irritating your skin.

Look Younger and Better!

With every passing day, your skin is aging. Something as small as washing your face with the best facial cleanser for your skin can help slow down aging and allow your skin room to breathe. While you sleep, your skin breathes with you and with the help of oxygen, it repairs itself. This process is done through the pores in your skin. When you have clogged pores due to not cleansing your skin, your skin can no longer breathe thereby can no longer repair itself overnight. Many dermatologists advise that you must invest in a cleanser even if it is a cheap one because if you leave makeup or the day’s residue on your skin while you sleep, it can have catastrophic effects on your skin.

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Control Excess Oil Production

It may sound like a hassle but you don’t only have to cleanse your skin before you sleep, you have to cleanse it when you wake up as well. As mentioned earlier, your skin repairs itself overnight. This process leaves behind dead cells on your skin causing excess sebum as well.

You need to unclog your pores and then rinse your skin to give your pores a chance. Doing this will allow you to reduce oil production on your face by a stark 65 percent! Think about it, you will no longer have to wash your face over and over when there is very little oil on your skin, which is just the amount it needs to stay healthy.

Choosing the Right Cleanser For You

When you go to a drugstore to choose a cleanser for your skin, you must always start with one that is gentle in nature. A lightweight cleanser can quickly help you figure out whether its right for you or not. Directly starting with heavy-weight cleansers can be too harsh on your skin unless you absolutely need them. If you have sensitive combination skin then a heavy-duty cleanser may strip your skin of the feel-good oils that it actually needs to keep aging at bay.

How to Properly Use a Cleanser

You may not believe it but in truth, there is a right and wrong way to cleanse your face. Since this a full guide that revolves around picking the right facial cleanser, we will also help you see how to use it the right way.

  • Starting with Clean Hands

Your hands carry a lot of germs and when they come into contact with your skin, can lead to acne breakouts. You must wash your hands and rinse off all of the soap on them before cleansing your face with your hands.

  • Remove Your Makeup

Anyone who uses makeup knows that it is a big no-no to wash makeup off. If you have makeup on your skin, you must use a makeup removing cotton pads soaked with olive oil which is gentle on the skin and takes makeup off without a hassle. Doing this gives you room to properly cleanse your skin.

  • Use Lukewarm Water

Warm water helps open pores and makes them easier to clean. Be careful to use lukewarm water and not water that is hot on the skin. The key to remember is, don’t use water on your face that would be too hot for a baby. This will help keep the temperature of water in check.

  • Activating the Cleanser

Apply the amount of face wash you need on the fingertips of your dominating hand. Then rub both of your hands together until the cleanser turns into a foamy lather. Once this is done, the cleanser is activated and ready for your skin.

  • Cleanse Your Skin

Apply the soapy lather onto your skin and move your fingertips around your skin in a circular motion. You can even cleanse your neck along with your face. Circular motions will help stimulate blood and oxygen into your skin, giving it that healthy glow Hollywood stars have.

  • Rinse Your Skin

Use the same lukewarm temperature water you used to open your pores to wash off the cleanser. While doing this, be sure to not rub your hands on your skin as that may lead to irritation.

  • Pat with a Clean Dry Towel

Cotton towels work for all skin types because they don’t have an abrasive nature. But you must remember to pat your skin with a cotton towel, not rub your skin with it.

Few Others Best Cleansers You Need to Try!

Here is a list of cleansers we think you should give some thought to.  Since most of them are drugstore cleansers, you will find that they are quite affordable too!

  1. Euclerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser for $5.99

This is a fragrance free facial cleanser that will help you clean your skin without causing any irritation.

  1. Cerave Hydrating Cleanser for $8.39

This cleanser is gentle, good for all skin types and is hydrating too!

  1. Purpose Cleansing Bar for $3.27

If you are acne prone then this cleanser is the best fir for you. It will cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

  1. Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser for $12.99

With its niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, this cleanser will help repair as well as soften your skin. It doesn’t even irritate your skin which is why it’s best for oily skin types.


There is a wide variety of facial cleansers to choose from which can be confusing sometimes. This is why we will give you one tip, start small. If you don’t know what facial cleanser will work best for your skin type, invest in one that is light-weight and build up from there. Cleansing your skin before sleeping and after waking up will have an amazing impact on your skin. Before you know it, your friends will be asking you for facial cleanser recommendations.

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