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For centuries, dogs have been serving as the most loyal, lovable, and desirable pet for mankind. Keeping in view the benefits of having a healthy dog, every dog owner wishes to feed his canine friend with the best dog food available in the market. However, not every dog food is same in regards to quality, ingredients, nutrition, and proteins that a dog requires staying fit and sound. Thus, we have created this guide to reveal the safest healthy dog food.

When talking about the best dog food, it must be protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited, and have good fat. In addition, it must be free from subpar artificial essence, flavors, corn, soy, additives, preservatives, and more materials that are toxic to dogs’ health. On top, feeding your dog solely with top-quality food will make it more energetic and playful, while providing it with a healthier coat.

To provide our readers with the best dog food, we examined hundreds of well-acclaimed dog foods and found most of them unsafe due to harmful ingredients. Thus, we conducted researches, delved deep into the owners’ reviews, and came up with the most reliable and best dog food. Read along to unveil the top healthy dog food and improve overall health and lifespan of your beloved four-legged friend.

The Best Dog Food to Improve Health and Immune System

For ease of our readers, we examined over hundreds of popular dog food brands and went through tons of owners’ reviews to come up with brands that offer dog foods free from toxins and additives. On top, the following recommended brands have proven to offer the most reliable, protein-rich, carbohydrate-limited and high-quality dog food for both adult and pups:

Taste of the Wild

Being one of the oldest dog food manufacturing companies, Taste of the Wild has been providing owners with first-grade dog foods made with real roasted meat hence this formula has no match with amazing taste. It is ranked as no#1 seller on Amazon. Taste of the Wild is based in Missouri, United States. Besides, offering a wide range of dog foods, the company’s each recipe is designed by their experienced veterinarians & nutritionists to meet dogs nutritional necessities and every product formula is tested to maintain quality and safety all the time.

Purina Pro Plan

Purina stands among the well-acclaimed pet food brand around. The company offers a wide range of dry and wet dog food, aiming to provide the canines with just the right set of nutrition. On top, the company claims to conducts an in-depth research and testing to offer the most natural food for dogs of all ages.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo dry dog food is based in Wilton, United States, and offers an exclusive range of dog food. Blue’s life protection and wilderness claim to provide the best dog food which includes protein-rich, Deboned Chicken, fish meal avoiding by-products, corn, additives, rendered fats, and other harmful ingredients.


The Nebraska based pet food company Instinct on another hand offers a broad range of high-standard dog foods. Instinct claims to transform the life of dogs by offering much protein-rich and quality nutrition for dogs.

Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray is one of the most popular dog food companies in a market. The company holds years of experience in offering dog food containing top-quality meat proteins. In addition, Rachel Ray claims to offer dog foods free from artificial flavors, essence, and preservatives.

What Should You Look For in the Best Dog Food?

Now, what exactly does a dog requires to stay fit and healthy? Unlike our food, dog foods don’t pass through various tests and experiments to ensure maximum safety of the pets. Considering the nutritional requirements of dogs, they require some essential nutrition regardless of age, gender or breed.

Below are the nutritional elements that your dog should have to achieve optimum health benefits:

  • Protein

In essence, protein is the basic building block of every cannibal. Protein initiates growth of amino acids that build muscles, hairs, and tissues in a dog. In addition, it ensures a dog is having a proper level of hormones. Though amino acids build on their own in every dog, but dogs require specific amount of amino acid from diet. Having said, your dog food must provide quality protein from sources like chicken and beef that feed on natural diet.

  • Limited Carbohydrates

Undeniably, carbohydrates have scored a shady reputation in health industry; however, they still serve as one of the prime building blocks in a dog body. Besides, carbohydrates help to maintain healthy body That said, when looking for a reliable dog food, owners must ensure that a dog food has limited amount of carbohydrates. Generally, carbohydrates are found in fruits, rice, whole grains, and more ingredients.

  • Healthy Fats

Irrefutably, “fat” sounds intimidating to many of us. In reality, good fat provides a decent source of energy to dogs. In addition, controlled fat makes a dog more active, and its skin shinier and healthier. On top, a dog can get good fat from quality ingredients in diet such as Omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil and some fish oils.

Best Dry Dog Food

Dry food stand as the most utilized dog food around the world. On top, dry dog food rids owners from burden of refrigeration. Dry dog food is created through ingredients such as meat, grains and some more. Interestingly, superior-quality dry dog foods have proven to enhance health and life span of dogs.

Organic Dog Food

Organic dog food has emerged as one of the popular fodders for dogs. In essence, organic dog food refers to those that are free from synthetic additives, hormones, pesticides, flavors and much more. In addition, organic dog food must be free from any antibiotics. Besides, no ingredients in organic dog food have to be subjected to fertilizer, radiation, or genetic engineering.

High Protein Dog Food

Irrefutably, protein is a calorie-rich element and in high volume can cause severe weight gains. Considering a fact that a majority of dogs in the United States are obese, owners need to be careful while looking for a high-protein diet. In addition, overconsumption of protein may lead to severe issues such as kidney or liver disorder. Having said, it’s wise to opt for the best dog food that comes with balanced ingredients with proteins of superior quality, allowing a dog to easily digest them.

The best dog foods that we have mentioned in this guide offer only the top-quality proteins that have higher digestibility percentage. In this way, they make a dog healthier, energetic, and more playful.

Best Puppy Food

Unquestionably, puppies are one of the most adorable pets around the world. However, their nutritional needs are as sophisticated as their prettiness. Considering a fact that puppies’ require diet that aids in strengthening their bone structure, owners should look for best dog food for puppies or the ones designed for dogs of all ages.

Best Dry Food for Puppies

Considering the delicate dietary requirements of puppies, it’s recommended to choose only the high-quality dog food. In essence, dry dog food is created by blending in meat and grain. In this way, complex starches are broken down into an easily digestible diet that is feasible for puppies. In addition, the best dry food for puppies encompasses much of the nutritional density, aiming to provide puppies with more health in less quantity. Below are some of the best dry food for puppies.

  • Blue Life Protection Puppy Formula

  • Taste of the Wild

On top, we have listed the top brands that take puppies dietary requirements on a serious note and aims to offer food that are puppy friendly. You can find the list of top-standard dog food brands in this article to unveil the best quality dry food for pups.

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