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Pets are basically the most lovable and innocent creatures on the face of the earth. The love that is shared between an owner and a pet is indescribable and an outsider cannot begin to understand until he experiences it for himself.

The sole reason that pet owners care so much for their pets is why innovators all over the world continue to keep coming up with new ways to ensure security of one’s pets. Back in the day, it was nearly impossible to recover one’s missing pet. According to statistics, 90 percent of the 10 million pets that are recorded as lost annually by pet owners never actually find their way back home. How could they?

Best 5 Pet Tracking Devices

Garmin Astro 430

Fitness is imperative when you live in a world where everything is instant. Tracking devices that help you monitor your everyday activity like how many steps you have taken and are yet to take can go a long way for someone looking to go towards a healthier lifestyle. y

SportDOG Brand TEK Series

We humans have different attires for every event. When are going out for a party, we dress a certain way and when we are going out for a physical activity, we dress a certain way. Why shouldn’t our pets have different attires too? At Sport Dog, you can find just about anything your dog could need for an outdoor activity.

PeTrack GPS Tracking Device

Small to medium sized pets are very difficult to keep a track of but that is where technology comes to help us out. PeTrack is a GPS tracking device specifically designed for small dogs that can easily track them for you no matter where you are.

RoamEO GPS Collar

If your dog is prone to running wild while you are out on a walk and you simply cannot keep up with your pet fast enough, you no longer have to worry about not being able to track it. Instead of running after your pet, all you need to do is whip out your phone and track him from wherever you are.

SafePet4Me Pet GPS Tracker

External pet tracking devices placed on a pet’s collar are the most reliable and efficient ways to trace your pet. They are not heavy on the pocket and they provide you with something that is invaluable, which is the safety and security of your pet.

Pet Tracking Innovations Then Versus Now

According to the studies conducted by American Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, 93 percent of all the dogs that were reported by owners to be missing in the last five years have found their way back home, and that is all because of pet tracking devices. A pet tracking device would either be implanted in the pet or carefully placed on the collar worn by the pet at all times outside of home.

Importance of Tracking Pets

When it is a matter of the importance of such devices, it is believed that the statistics stated earlier show just how big of a difference they make for both pets and pet owners. Before their invention, once a pet was lost, he was lost forever. But now, there is hope for almost every pet lost, to return back to its owner sooner or later. This has been made possible with the help of tracking devices.

You No Longer Have To Lose Your Pet

We live in the 21st century where it is not difficult to track something once it is lost due to the fact that identification systems as well as location services are all around us. People in today’s world are so dependent on GPS navigation systems that they hardly feel the need to remember routes themselves. Now picture this: what if you could track your pet just like you could track your lost phone?

Pet Tracking Options You Can Choose From

There are several tracking options available for pet owners to choose from. The world is moving forward so fast and in turn, it is making lives easier for pet owners all over the globe.

  • Microchip Implant

A popular choice by many pet owners, is a microchip implant. It is a grain size chip that is surgically implanted under the skin of your pet, regardless of what kind. The only downside to this option would be that these microchips do not give out signals of their own. But what they do contain is useful information like the breed, vaccination schedule, pet owner details, contact of the vet and further important information regarding the pet for whoever finds him so that he may be safely returned to the owner.

  • External GPS Tracking

GPS microchips are a more convenient option for pet owners since they are worn externally by pets usually in a form of a GPS dog collar. They are relatively bigger in size than the microchip implant. And unlike the implants, they have their own battery and work just like a GPS navigation system.

They continue to send signals to the global satellite so that the pets may be tracked by the pet owners at all times. Imagine a life where you no longer have to run after your pet every time it runs out the main door. A dog tracker provides the pet owners with the exact location of the pets so that they may be located. In addition to location, there are also variations of these GPS trackers for dogs that can provide activity levels of the pet along with heart rate and many more.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every tracking option available whether it pet GPS tracker or an implant. It all depends on the needs and requirements of every pet and pet owner. Everyone can pick and choose from an array of options available for pet tracking.

What we have told you is just the surface, there is far more to scratch. Any pet lover who is concerned for the safety of their pet should make a conscious decision to start tracking their pet. While it may be a little costly to begin with, the feeling you have once you know you pet is safe and within your reach is priceless.

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Being a nutritional specialist, Gary holds a Master’s degree in Food Sciences. With having an obsession of pets, Gary loves to write about the dietary and nutritional requirements of human beings as well as Feline and Canine.

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