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You have to agree that hunting is more enjoyable with a helpful dog by your side. It is believed that since the onset of canine domestication, dogs and humans have been successful hunting partners. Not all dogs do the job, however, as they are some breeds that have invaluable energy, characteristics, sense of smell and qualities that come in handy when you want to hunt and gather prey. While hunting with your best canine friend, it is wise to have them on the best retractable dog leash at authentic dogs, so that they do not wander off into danger. Here are the top 10 hunting dog breeds.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrieversLabrador retrievers are considered to be the ultimate hunting dogs. They love the sport and will stop at nothing to make sure that their owners go home with the kill. They will snatch up all kinds of games. You must, however, be careful with this breed so that it does not end up eating the animal.  If you are seriously looking to buy a Labrador pup for yourself then it is highly suggested that you spend some time with them at a dog club; as Labrador pups may show some signs of aggression earlier in their life

2. Beagle

If you love hunting small game like rabbits, then you can ask yourself that should I get a beagle? It is a well-known scent hound that has a loud voice and an incredible sense of smell. It is also pretty fast making it an excellent hunting companion.

 3. American Foxhound

American FoxhoundAs the name suggests, the American Foxhound is specially bred for hunting purposes. Their capabilities and loyalty make them ideal candidates for all types of tracking, hunting and loads more. The athletic dogs are very easy to care for and are very scrappy during the hunt, especially when you are hunting foxes.

4. Pointer

While it may not be your best pick for big game hunting especially in cold-weather areas, the pointer does an excellent job finding and bragging birds in fields where the temperatures stay hot. There are different types of pointers to work with including the English pointers, German wirehaired pointers, and German Shorthaired Pointer.

5. English Springer Spaniel

You will have great times with this small but strong dog that possesses high energy when you are out in the hunting grounds. It has an innate talent of springing and flushing out birds in their hiding places. It also comes with a thick double coat and has a gentle grip which means that it will not damage the prey.

6. Basset Hound

Basset HoundAt first glance, you may think that it is a mistake to include the Basset Hound on the top hunting dog breeds. Its sharp nose, however, is a great asset for hunting badgers, hares, and other small animals. Its big head, short and powerful legs as well as strong bones make it a good hunter.

7. The Coonhound

Coonhounds ooze agility and toughness while at the same time giving an impression of unwavering intense alertness. Hunters will agree that it is a courageous beast that runs game using scent. Trained breeds can run for miles when on the scent, and they are also known for their impressive stamina reason they are mostly used to hunt massive games like wolves, deer, bears, and cougars.

8. Russian Borzoi

Russian Borzoi is a brilliant hunter thanks to its sensitive ears and outstanding eyesight. This breed is agile and very fast and is commonly used to hunt larger animals like deer, wolf, and wild boar. It can run after its prey for a long period and is great at tracking down.

9. Weimaraner

WeimaranerThis is one of the most regal looking dogs that surprise hunters with its top-notch hunting skills. They have long legs that allow them to cover plenty of ground within a short period. Even though they appear to be calm their speed is nothing short of amazing. You can rely on this elegant hunting dog if you want to catch pheasants, quail, and other birds.

10 Irish Setter

If you are looking for an equivalent of a Pointer but happen to live in an area that experiences cold climate, the Irish Setter can be your best bet when looking for a remarkable hunting friend. They have a reputation for doing an excellent job when you are looking for quails. The breed is easy to manage, lovable, patient, and most importantly loves spending time in the wild.

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