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Critic Thoughts is service & product review website. All the rankings and ratings of websites on this website have been based on extensive, thorough and valid research. The research is based on characteristics and service features as provided by the Critic Thoughts service holders.

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Data Collection & Usage            

Almost all websites require data collection now, through cookies or through transmission of your IP address, you are giving data to all the websites you log on to. And the purpose of this Data collection is not to spy on you but to assist you better with a better and a user-friendly experience on any website that you’re browsing.

On Critic Thoughts you are not asked of any personal data whatsoever, just cursory data. Moreover, you’re quite welcome to comment on our Critic Thoughts services and rank them according to your preferences. All through this time, Critic Thoughts will only gather information that you are willing giving just to improve your user experience and website’s quality for you.

Based on the following activities information is gathered:

  • By participating on surveys that Critic Thoughts organizes.
  • Posting any comment on any of the pages of website. All the comments are editable by the website admin to bring them in alignment with our own policies and principals.
  • By subscribing for our offers and newsletters. We will collect your email address and username during registration of the newsletter and other offers.

All the data that is collected on Critic Thoughts is and will only be used to enhance and customize website features and usability according to your and website’s needs. Your data is under no risk of being shared with a third party under any circumstance. And if need be, then data sharing will only be considered once we have your complete and undiluted approval all in your knowledge.

Third Party Links And Services

In this section the content and information provide might carry links to other third-party websites. And we would like you to be aware and responsible for the downloading and information you share on these websites as we are not in any control of the privacy policies. Therefore, we advice you to read and thoroughly go through the privacy policies and conditions of these links before you go in any sort of agreement for their services.

Some of these links may also be coded for marketing and we might a earn a little commission every time you click or buy something through the affiliated link on our website. For this purpose cookies may also be used by our partners to understand your usage of the services more clearly.

If you have any query regarding this you can contact us.

Affiliated Websites

All the information collected by Critic Thoughts partners is under the control and jurisdiction of the said partners’ Privacy and Data collection and has no relation with us. And under any condition we cannot take any responsibility for information you have provided to the affiliated websites in their forms or surveys.

We work with affiliated partners to bring you together the best services and user experience in a very competitive market. We expect our partners and affiliates to give us complete information of the services, policies, features, up coming events and to remain in regular contact with us regarding their current and upcoming events and updates etc.


We highly value your information and therefore have implemented highly sophisticated, complicated and technical physical  security measures to ensure your confidential information remains safe with us. All payment related transactions are secured by encrypted Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) technology, making certain that any information you provide us safely stored on secured servers and out of the reach of any other party. The information is safeguarded depending on the level of sensitivity. We also provide you, your own password which you can use to access some areas of the website. You must not share the password with anyone.

Although, we don’t claim any responsibility for any information theft that occurs due to someone else accessing your website. We do disclaim any responsibility, damages due to unauthorized access and the loss you may suffer from it.

Changes To This Policy

We own the full right without any condition to implement any kinds of changes in our services, features, policies and technology without any notification. If you continue to use the services after the implantation of a new policy you are considered to be axanges.