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Kaspersky Internet Security


Security Checking




Detection Score



  • Best Anti-Phishing Controls
  • Customizable Parental Controls
  • Protection from Keyloggers
  • Highest Scores in over five tests
  • Multi Device Support


  • No Remote Control for Parental Control Feature
  • No Backup

When it comes to selecting malware protection for your PC or any other device, it’s important to keep in mind the main purpose of your need. Most antivirus software provide you with the most basic tier of malware protection, but most of the time it is not just enough. Moving a step forward from the basic security package to a specialized version proves to be beneficial in the user’s favor, as well as improving the device’s functionality.

Kaspersky Internet Security comes with all of the basic features plus extra useful add-ons that are the best available in the market as far as internet security suites are concerned.

Let us explore Kaspersky Internet Security and its various components in detail so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Pricing Plan

One of the most attractive features that this Kaspersky suite holds for its user is its pricing. Currently, the plan’s pricing is spread out depending on how long you require the subscription for, and the number of devices you will be able to make  use of the software, simultaneously. Ranging from a one-year package priced at $39.99 to a three-year long subscription for $134.99, you will find a three or five device version for each.

These packages are compatible with multiple devices such as Windows, Mac, or even Android operating systems.

Performance and System Impact

According to the various tests run on standard Windows systems of different configurations, here are the findings that would help you understand its performance. Since installing malware protection in your PC itself slows the system down, we tested system performance through both, idle and running a specific scan.

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Upon booting the standard OpenOffice test, the PC took around 6-7 seconds longer than it takes without Kaspersky Internet Security – which marks a relatively minor increase in terms of time, since it is realistically expected.  The span of time Kaspersky required to conduct a full initial scan of the system amounted at be at par with its competitors.

The scanner does its job well in the background in a way that it does not drain the device’s ability to perform other tasks. Even though Kaspersky Internet Security does not come equipped with a performance enhancer, it does not affect the overall performance of the system, hence eliminating the requirement for a booster.

Privacy and Protection

Kaspersky Internet Security features a virtual keyboard that effectively blocks any keyloggers that might steal your information by monitoring the activity on your actual keyboard. Unlike the physical keyboard, the virtual version is designed to protect sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information, or anything other banking and personal data.

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Parental controls on this suite allow you to block content for underage children via filters that are customizable by the users. You can make efficient use of options such as a block list through which you can block specific websites or any online content that contains certain keywords. The parental control feature is password protected, which adds an extra layer of security to ensure that it cannot be unlocked by anyone else.

Scanning and Detection

Kaspersky Internet Security not only provide the basic level of protection against malware but also prevents the device from screen lockers, spyware, and other security breaches by scanning every single file that enters the system through the internet. In addition to that, it also protects the system against ransomware that may make their way in via existing programs that are not updated.

Before you enter a website that may contain malicious malware, Kaspersky Internet Security features a warning tool against phishing that stops you before you visit a site that may infect your system, resulting in identity theft.

Prominent Features

  • Privacy Protection

Kaspersky features a Private Browsing option for you to use if you wish to avoid ruining your browsing experience by unlimited ads as a result of marketing algorithms in place. You can view the number of trackers blocked on the Kaspersky toolbar.

  • Webcam Control

Users can control the access to their webcam. All they have to do it select the “deny access” option, which will notify you whenever a third party is attempting to access your webcam without your permission. It provides you with the option to add a list of trusted receivers so that you can continue to conduct online meetings without trouble.

  • Safe Money

Apart from the private browsing option, Kaspersky offers a more secure online banking option named Safe Money – it’s an ultra protected browser that blocks even the slightest of interference from any other processes taking place in the PC, such as all kinds of spyware. It makes your transaction procedures safe.

  • Mac Protection

Usually, the basic suites of malware protection completely skip the Mac OS. It is not until you opt for a higher priced package that you are able to buy protection for your Mac. Kaspersky, on the other hand, offers security suites that are fully equipped to provide protection to both, Windows and Mac – without the unnecessary added cost.

Similar Features

Kaspersky offers various suites that are suited for a diverse range of requirements. There are a few similarities between the best three versions that are available on the market: Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, and Kaspersky Total Security.

  • Malware detection
  • E-mail protection from malicious infections
  • Anti-phishing feature

Since the Anti-Virus is a free version, it only packs the most basic features, however best of their kind, but Internet Security and Total Security share more premium features, such as:

  • Licenses for multiple devices
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Android, iOs, and Windows Phone
  • Anti-spam control
  • Parental control
  • Webcam and microphone access control
  • VPN
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Two tier firewall protection
  • Safe Money browser

Firewall and Application Control

Kaspersky Internet Security features a two tier firewall protection that functions equally well for both, PC, and Mac. During a test that was conducted by enabling about 30 viruses to enter the system and affect three of the most core processes of the PC, the software blocked these malicious infections from entering and causing any effect to  the core processes running at the time.

Instead of firing away questions that the user is not adequately aware enough to answer, Kaspersky has automatic controls in place that allow better protective measures. By making use of the Kaspersky Security Network Database, the special Application Control System determines each one of the applications in the following categories:

  • Untursted
  • Trusted
  • Low Restricted
  • High Restricted

Most applications come with extra products that are simply bundled with the software package. This security feature automatically un-checks all the boxes that allow these extra products to be installed in the system.

Installation and Support

Once you have downloaded the latest available version of Kaspersky Internet Security, upon entering the license key you receive a verification code via e-mail. After verifying your e-mail address, the installation process begins. However, an initial hardware scan is an initial step in finalizing the installation; you can stop it in order to run it at will as well. Overall, the installation takes the standard amount of time, nothing too surprising.

Kaspersky offers one of the best and quickest online support systems. Along with having a detailed FAQ page on the website, virtual helpers are also available 24 hours to address your queries at all times. If you require a more hands-on help, then you can contact their call support, and attain help regarding various things such as installation errors, or features that you may not understand completely.

Final Thoughts

The reason behind opting for a suite instead of individual tools is to be able to have all the security features in one package. Because, installing separate tools for each function is time consuming, dangerous, and creates issue such as compatibility.

Kaspersky Internet Security tops five of the most conclusive tests that exist in order to determine the efficiency of the malware protection software. As far as internet security goes, Kaspersky’s suite offers the best features as it provides protection against phishing, identity theft, ransomware, spyware, and keeps your date secure from keyloggers and screen lockers – with the added bonus of helping your system run smoothly. All things from the devices you plug in to the e-mails and other messages you send, Kaspersky Internet Security blocks any and all probable breaches from affecting your personal information.

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