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Kaspersky Anti-Virus was developed by Eugene Kaspersky in 1997. The antivirus has now become one of the dominant software with more than 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients worldwide. The antivirus offers a starter version that comes with essential features only. However, the antivirus has proven to keep users protected against a wide range of malware.

When undergone through third-party lab tests, Kaspersky worked best in detecting and removing malware. The software is compatible across all leading operating systems. Read our Kaspersky antivirus review to discover its prices, compatibility, protection level, and much more.

The malware protection for once really does its job and is a popular trend in Anti-virus market. With an array of features and programs, Kaspersky’s 2019 total security provides an easy user interface and includes file encryption as well as file shredding features.

Kaspersky Pricing Plans

Kaspersky 2019 Anti-Virus

Fairly economical pricing when it comes to the comparative market pricing for antivirus software. It is valued at $29.99 per year for 3 PCs- for Kaspersky Anti-Virus and a relatively high 39.99 per year for five devices for Kaspersky Anti-virus.

You get a plus with these prices as it issues licenses for Mac and Android devices as well in the same package.

  • Free Version

Kaspersky Antivirus free version aims to provide netizens with malware-detection engine along with website screening and mails detection. It protects subscribers against malicious programs and phishing attacks.

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Having said, a free version of Kaspersky is an optimal solution for those who’re looking to have a taste of Kaspersky’s service. But, subscribers shouldn’t expect much from the free version as it primarily aims to provide malware-detection and nothing more.

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  • Premium Edition

On another hand, the Kaspersky Antivirus premium edition doesn’t add much to the free version other than website’s reputation monitoring tool along with a gamer mode that eliminates sudden interruptions.

However, the basic plan costs low but the features and offerings are less than the premium providers. On another hand, other providers aren’t 100% effective in protection against a broad range of malware. Also, the full cost of Kaspersky is relatively high for the features it provides. If maximum protection and effectiveness is what you’re looking for, then you’re getting the best value for what you’re spending.

Kaspersky 2019 Internet Security

It is a phenomenal offer when you have a closer look at the features and the abundance of them.

  • Anti-spa control is a good addition
  • Parental control feature is an up-to-date feature and a need of time. It relates to the current priority need of the customer
  • Moreover, there is webcam protection
  • Also, a banking browser app to save your online banking. Innovative and smart feature is microphone protection
  • What more, you have a two-way firewall, as a blocking unwanted and spam web tracking and network threats.

Kaspersky Internet Security offers usage on up to three devices. It is available across Mac OSX, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

Kaspersky Internet Security concentrates on a ton of features such as anti-spam control, webcam and microphone safety, parental control, protected browser for banking and financial transactions. Besides, the antivirus comes with a two-way firewall and protection against unwanted apps and web trackers that could compromise system settings and hinder network connections.

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Kaspersky 2019 Total Security

The Kaspersky Total Security is a well-rounded package that serves as a cherry on top with its password manager, file shredder, encryption, advanced parental control, and backup features. It offers 2GB space in Dropbox.

The provider offered all the above-mentioned plans at the time we wrote this review. However, prices could vary. Also, trial of premium version is also offered like Bitdefender and McAfee.

Kaspersky Antivirus Protection

Though the company is often considered as an entry-level provider, however, Kaspersky antivirus has taken an edge over even the popular antivirus programs. The software offers anti-phishing feature that checks emails and instant messages assuring security against any vulnerability. Also, the software comes with a USB drive protection that adds an extra layer of protection.

In case, your computer is infected, Kaspersky demolishes the treats and repairs the damage caused by the vulnerability. If your system is affected badly, the rescue CD will restore the backup to provide you with zero loss.

Kaspersky anti-virus protection

The Gamer Mode works best for netizens who love gaming and watching a movie. On top, the Gamer Mode suspends malware scans when a user is playing a game or watching a movie. It prevents any popup notification from interfering into gameplay experience. However, you need to enable this feature manually as the program can’t detect games or movies itself.

In addition, the basic version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus comes with three separate licenses so that a user could protect three separate computer, mobile phone, or laptop. This is an added feature as many of the antiviruses only offer a single license. You could subscribe to Kaspersky mobile security and control it from the computer’s antivirus dashboard using the same dashboard. On another hand, the mobile version aims to keep your smartphone protected against viruses, malware, keyloggers, and more threats.

If detected, those suspicious codes (in for of snippets) are uploaded to the security system of Kaspersky. It analyzes it and when the particular malware is located, the information is carried on to millions of clients around the globe.

The access the information on their devices and thus protection to the highest level is maintained through antivirus protection system by Kaspersky.

Security and Privacy Features

The superb Scan is a home run when it comes to comparing it with other comparative ant viruses. The scan is comprehensive, quick, and gives an amazing result. It wipes out suspicious malware, known malware, cleans viruses and does it in quick time too. When we ran the scan, it took us 10 minutes and 23 seconds on our system.

In order to have a check-up of your bank balance, or from Google payout or any other paying method, it verifies each website and thus makes your online transaction safer and secure.

Besides, there is a double firewall on offer to make it even more secure and no hacker or fake website could steal your money or look into your details. You are free of potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) as a result of this dual wall of security and firewall.

Below are some of the prominent security and privacy features:

  • Mobile Protection

Kaspersky apps for smartphones and tablets can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google Playstore. Once equipped with Kaspersky security, a smartphone becomes foolproof against a broad range of malicious programs and malware. Though many antivirus programs require you to purchase a higher-priced add-on for mobile devices, Kaspersky offers integrated mobile protection in their base package with no additional cost.

  • Website Blocker

Kaspersky antivirus comes with a website blocker that allows subscribers to restrict sites that could be unethical and even harmful to children. This feature makes Kaspersky a worthy choice for families.

  • Safe Features

Kaspersky offers specific tools to protect users’ identity and financial information when accessing the bank account. The safety features encompass safe browsers, integrated on-screen keyboard, and virtual wallets to secure credit card credentials and online transactions. The virtual wallet works as a reliable password manager with advanced security.

  • Password Manager

The password manager has provided a relief to subscribers from the threat of identity thefts, keyloggers, and various hacking devices that could eavesdrop on your confidential information. These devices could compromise your credentials when you access social media accounts, online banking accounts, and mailboxes.

Performance and System Impact

Kaspersky anti-virus performance

Kaspersky for Windows and Mac use almost same scanning technology that’s fast, secure and seamless in lab tests.

In evaluation rounds conducted every two months by Germany’s independent lab AV-Test, Kaspersky for Mac and Windows identified and eliminated almost every zero-day malware along with various unidentified vulnerabilities. The results proved Kaspersky to be a step ahead of Bitdefender and McAfee. However, the score wasn’t all the way perfect as Kaspersky reported about three false positives. Surprisingly, the count was comparatively low against Bitdefender that reported about 15 false positives.

Installation and Support

Kaspersky antivirus follows a 5-minute installation process on a random system with Core i5 (5th Generation), 4GB Ram and 300GB Hard disk capacity. The Kaspersky download file is of about 156MB that offers language selection along with an option to participate in Kaspersky’s malware identification program. After successful completion of Kaspersky installation, users could choose to install Adblocker. The antivirus program then runs itself.

Besides, the users’ interface comes with a link to contact Kaspersky’s support personnel. An upright aspect of their service is their honest claim about support system availability. Considering how many companies make a false claim of 24/7 support system, Kaspersky keeps its support staff readily available from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Eastern Time) every day. The support system could be reached through either call, live tech chat support and email query.

Software Updater

Since the software already comes equipped with a scan that detects vulnerability, it also enables its users to choose an option that updates all the existing software in the system. Once all the software is updated, the chances for them to be carriers of malicious viruses reduce by a significant amount.

Final Thoughts

After completing our editorial review on Kaspersky antivirus, we have found their service to be reasonable. Their antivirus offers one of the most reliable arrays of malware protection. The additional security features such as password manager, file encryption, shredder and much more come in handy. Besides, the Kaspersky Internet Security provides netizens with about half of the Total Security package encompassing the firewall, parental controls, and safe browser.

However, the entry-level package of Kaspersky Anti-Virus couldn’t come up to the mark as it offers only a couple of more features than the free version. Having said, if you’re looking for a full-fledged antivirus with premium security features, then Kaspersky Total Security is a decent option.

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