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Small businesses have different people coming in and out of their doors throughout the day. This makes it hard for one person to keep an eye on everyone and everything you have. Surveillance systems are a perfect solution to help keep an eye on everything you worked so hard to put together.

Keep reading for our list of the top small business surveillance systems of 2020.

1. Zosi Security Recorder

This is an entire camera package that can be used by itself or in conjunction with a security guard. This system comes with a DVR recorder to use indoors and it comes with four weatherproof cameras you can keep outside.

The cameras do not constantly record dead air because they are motion-triggered, saving you space on the recorder. The DVR recorder supports up to eight channels and automatically records over old footage when it is full if you choose this option.

2. Canary View Security Cam

This is a great indoor camera to have for your business because it is reliable. It records in 1080p, giving you clear video footage and it has intelligent motion detection, preventing hours of dead air to be filmed.

It uploads all of the footage that it records on the cloud. Another feature is that you can use the talkback walkie-talkie feature to speak with people in front of the camera. You can also control the camera from an app, allowing you to shut down the feed and the microphone if you need privacy.

3. Arlo Pro 3

This security system offers monthly plans between $13-$50 per month, depending on how many cameras you need. A small business can probably use the Arlo Smart Premier plan which is $10 per month and it covers up to five cameras.

There are plenty of camera options to choose from depending if you want indoor or outdoor cameras.

4. Netgear Arlo Q

This camera option is popular because of its free cloud storage for your recordings. The Arlo Q records in 1080p resolution and it features true night vision. If you are looking for something on the more discreet side then this camera might be your first pick.

It is not noticeable and you can either use hardware to put it in place or use its magnet to attach it where you want it. Keep in mind this is an indoor camera, if you need something for outdoors you will have to either use this option along with an outdoor camera or a different system.

Which of These Surveillance Systems Will You Choose?

Now that you have our list of the top surveillance systems in the market, which one will you choose?

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