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It is possible that Australians feel somewhat disconnected from the rest of the world. Even when it is the matter of the internet, Australia is a last priority English-speaking country with regards to several popular product and services.

An alienation of this sort with the rest of the world means that Australians have very limited options when they want to stream something on TV, play video games or even listen to music. This type of content-restriction can often lead to increased piracy of copyrighted material online, thereby an increased demand for best VPNs in Australia.

Best VPNs for Australia

We have compiled a list of top VPNs for Australia. In this list, you will find VPNs that provide fast and secure online downloading while keeping your identity safe.

ExpressVPN has servers in 78 countries spanned all over the world, 20 of which belong in the APAC alone. All of these servers allow you to use Torrent safely. In all the tests that we have run on ExpressVPN while creating this review of best Australian VPNs, we found this VPN to be fast for online streaming as well as for Torrenting. ExpressVPN can effortlessly unblock both the US and Australian Netflix catalogs, not only on the browser but also on the app. It maintains no logs since it is based in the British Virgin Islands. The clients offered by ExpressVPN have an easy interface which makes this VPN the ideal choice.

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  • P2P/Torrenting Allowed
  • Easy to use Apps
  • Speed-optimized network
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • VPN Apps for Android, iOS and all Major Operating Systems
  • Split tunneling for Mac OS, Windows & Routers


  • Expensive Monthly Price

Panama-based NordVPN has servers in 62 different countries, 11 of which are in Asia Pacific. When you subscribe to this service, you get a chance to download torrents securely as well as to bypass Netflix proxy firewall in both United States and Australia. Its zero logging policy puts it in the list of the best VPNs for Australia. NordVPN provides you with double-hop VPN, Tor over VPN as well as anti-DDos, all at an affordable price range.

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  • Onion Over VPN Servers
  • P2P/Torrenting Allowed
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • Browser proxy extension
  • Apps for all Devices


  • Unstable Speed on Some Servers

This particular VPN offers you an incredible server range with servers all over the world, and not just in Australia. These servers are fast, dependable and ideal for all your Torrenting needs. One drawback of this VPN would have to be its home company which is based in United States. This means that Private Internet Access is subject to US data retention laws and surveillance laws. On the other hand, features like OpenVPN protocol, malware blocking, P2P file sharing, 5 simultaneous connections, 7-day return policy and zero traffic laws more than make up for this fact.

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  • P2P Support
  • Multiple VPN Gateways
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Included
  • Gigabit VPN port speeds


  • US Based Company

With a monthly subscription starting from $13, PureVPN comes packed with features such as blazing fast speeds, Torrenting abilities, access to Netflix and much more. Since Netflix US has been pretty vigilant in detecting VPNs, the fact that a VPN such as this one can bypass it is simply mind blowing. PureVPN offers easy desktop client interface, and extensions for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

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  • 31 Day Money-back Guarantee
  • P2P/Torrenting Allowed
  • Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, Provides DDoS Protection
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 Protocols


  • No Free Trail
  • Unstable Speed

Why You Should Use a VPN

One of the biggest concerns in Australia just happens to be privacy. With the new privacy laws put into place, there are agencies that monitor every move that citizens make online without the issuance of a warrant to do so. In order to protect their own privacy, users have turned to the aid of best Australian VPNs so that they may access geographically restricted content online to entertain themselves.

A VPN offers you full anonymity online by masking your real IP address and replacing it with a fake one. You use the fake IP address provided to you by your VPN and visit sites without being detected by the authorities. Most VPNs out there have a zero logging policy which means that even the VPN company cannot track your moves online. In this manner, if a government demands the VPN company to cough up information regarding a client, they have plausible deniability on having no logs whatsoever.

In addition to the masking your location and personal information, a good VPN will also protect you against cyberattacks. The best VPNs offer you AES-256-bit encryption which is as strong as they come. This military-grade encryption will protect the data that enters and exits your devices from the eyes of those that might cause you harm, whether it is the government or hackers.

Following is a checklist you can see to analyze whether or not you need the best Australian VPN out there.

  • I want to protect myself against hackers
  • I want to enjoy maintaining my anonymity online
  • My data needs to be secure from the state surveillance
  • I need to avoid Australian Site Blocking Bill and Data Retention Laws
  • I want to use US Netflix
  • I want to avoid Netflix tax
  • I want to access Australia only content from abroad such as Channel 9 and Stan TV
  • I want to download content from Torrent

Will a VPN Help Avoid Australia’s Data Retention Laws?

In 2017 Australian Government passed a Data Retention Law to collect phone calls, text messages, emails, and internet activity of Aussies.

A good VPN will provide you with an ample amount of protection online that we suggest everyone should benefit from. This especially holds true in a country like Australia where in 2017 alone, cybercrime rates increased by 15 percent as 47,000 incidents took place. However, due to the 2015 laws of Australia regarding data retention, these will not do any good.

Six million Australians fell victim to cybercrime in 2017

Google contains a wide range of articles online that claim that VPNs will prevent ISPs from doing their job, however, there is not much truth to it. What a VPN does is hide the contents of your personal online traffic as well as your location. But, all of this still heavily relies on an ISP network. If we are to be strict in our statement, we have to say that a VPN cannot stop an ISP from logging onto your location, the details of your device as well as the volume of traffic going in and out of your device.

P2P File Sharing in Australia

Though the authorities do not appreciate the downloading of copyrighted materials from Torrent, they hardly enforce such laws on the citizens. Torrenter IDs are hardly ever given out to copyrighters which means that they cannot sue them. However, there has been much effort to crack this system. ISPs make use of the three strike system where they notify torrenters before they request remuneration through speculative invoicing on behalf of the copyrighters. In 2016, the federal court of Australia ordered all ISPs to block major torrenting websites such as Torrentz, The Pirate Bay, TorrentHound, SolarMovie and IsoHunt. This has been highly effective as the visits to these websites have since then dropped down by 53 percent!

Are VPNs legal in Australia?

Both the Australian Data Retention Bill and the Telecommunications Amendment were enforced on 14 of October in 2015. This essentially means that all of Australian ISPs collect and store metadata in the years between then and now. This information contains personal data from every phone call made or received, every text or email sent by individuals. If that weren’t enough, ISPs also monitor the online activity of all Australian citizens.

The authorities collect this information without a warrant and pass it on to a variety of different government organizations. This information can also be passed on to the Attorney-General at his discretion. Nobody should have that kind of access, should they? Fact remains, that they do.

When the government of a country passes data retention laws such as these, it is only natural that citizens resort to the use of VPNs to protect themselves. These laws are highly invasive and the only way to get around them is to use a VPN which provides you with military-level encryption when you browse online. When a VPN encrypts all of your data that passes between your own home IP address as well as the Australian ISP, you become secure in your position online. The ISP virtually becomes blind towards your online activity and therefore cannot hold you accountable for any of it.

Choosing a VPN for Australia?

All of the VPNs for Australia that we have mentioned in this article have been carefully selected based on the premium services they are able to provide for Australians. There are an estimate of over 800 VPNs in the market which makes it almost impossible for you to make an easy decision. Some of these VPNs have outdated encryptions and therefore cannot provide you with the level of security you now need online. The remaining ones have lose privacy laws which could mean they keep data logs and possibly pass them on to government agencies, in which case, what is the point of using such a VPN in Australia?

This is why we suggest that you stick to our highly compact list of VPNs that actually do their job well instead of ending up subscribing to a VPN that charges you a lot simply does not deliver. The best VPNs for Australia come with a certain kind of feature set. We will list a few of them for you.

  1. Military grade encryption with OpenVPN protocol
  2. Tight zero logging policy
  3. Highly advanced VPN features that include kill switch, no DNS leak to the ISP, and DNS protection
  4. High number of servers in not just Australia, but all over the globe
  5. Lightning fast streaming

VPNs to Avoid in Australia

There are only a few VPN providers in all of Australia that provide you with a strong online security as well as the ability to bypass geographically restricted content barriers. Though all of the VPNs will promise to deliver these features to you, most of them will fail. This is why we encourage you to reviews conducted by our experts who have put these VPNs through a series of speed tests. Now, enough about the good VPNs, let’s talk about the VPNs that you absolutely need to avoid in Australia.

  • Le VPN
  • F-Secure
  • Kepard VPN

Final Thoughts

Cybercrime hits are no longer what they once used to be in Australia. These crimes are so small now that they are hardly even noticed. Suppose someone stole $1 from your account. It wouldn’t make such a big deal to you now, would it? But if someone stole $1 from everyone in your country that would really make a big difference to the one conducting such a cyber-crime. This is precisely why laws such as the data retention laws in Australia exist, they are to protect the citizens against crime and not to punish them. Though it may feel a little inconvenient to have to use a VPN for Australia, we urge you to look at the bigger picture.

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