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Bitdefender VPN






Price per Month



  • Romanian based, Outside 14 Eyes Jurisdiction
  • User-Friendly and Interactive App
  • P2P Friendly
  • No DNS and IP Leak


  • Slow customer service
  • No Kill Switch
  • Only Two Protocols available for encryption

Bitdefender VPN is a huge name in the VPN industry mainly because it comes from a trusted antivirus called Bitdefender. It is a Romanian based VPN which is headquartered in Bucharest. Bitdefender VPN claims that it provides a secure and fast connection which is encrypted by top-notch protocols. In this Bitdefender VPN review, we have digged-in to check how sound their claims are?

Bitdefender also provides a free version that is offered complimentary with Bitdefender total security. It comes with a 200mb data cap per day.

This review discusses every feature provided by Bitdefender VPN and analyzes it from a critic’s eye.

How Much Does Bitdefender VPN Cost?

Bitdefender VPN Price and DiscountBitdefender Premium VPN comes with two pricing plans;

  • The Premium monthly plan costs $6.99/month.
  • The Premium yearly plan cost at $3.33/month and $39.99/Year.

Bitdefender Total Security with VPN SubscriptionIf you are unsure before purchasing a subscription, you can avail the free version which comes with a 200mb data cap per day. It, however, won’t give you the liberty to select the server location.

The Bitdefender website is designed in such a way that you will see a buying option in the very first fold. This buying option also covers the purchase of Bitdefender Total Security, you can customize your purchase by selecting the number of devices you want to cover and with the type of subscription.

Payment Options for Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender Premium VPN comes with three payment option;

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer

As of their refund policy, they have 30-Day money back guarantee which one can claim through their customer support.

Doesn’t Comes as a Stand-Alone App

Bitdefender VPN is not a standalone application; A user must install Bitdefender Total Security in order to operate the VPN.

Bitdefender Total Security with VPNBefore you download the Bitdefender VPN client on your laptop or PC, you need to uninstall the current antivirus software. Install Bitdefender Total Security and activate Bitdefender VPN subscription separately.

Having download another app is cumbersome to some users, but Bitdefender VPN comes with this aspect attached and there is no running from it.

Bitdefender VPN Tunneling Protocols

Leading VPNs in the industry offer a wide range of tunneling protocols to protect the internet traffic of their customers. They give their users the flexibility to choose protocols with whatever they feel easy with. Bitdefender fails to comply with this aspect.

Bitdefender VPN offers only TWO VPN protocols, and this information comes directly from their customer support representative.

  • OpenVPN is for Windows and Android.
  • HydraVPN is for MacOS and iOS.

There is no option to switch between VPN protocols, a Bitdefender VPN user is simply left to rely on what the product offers.

Though OpenVPN is much more secure than PPTP, L2TP/IPSec but not including these two protocols limits the flexibility of the user.

Lacks Information in Key Aspects

Bitdefender VPN claims in broad words but fails to describe the feature it provides in detail. Bitdefender VPN website and their FAQ’s explain what the product offers but there is a list of important aspects that they cannot answer, these include;

  1. A number of servers and their country coverage.
  2. If it unblocks Netflix
  3. Does it allow Torrenting?
  4. What tunneling protocols it offers and if a user can change it?
  5. Logging policy

Most of this information is necessary and leaving them unanswered raises many questions.

Bitdefender VPN Speed Test – How did it Perform with the 100mb Internet?

VPNs that come from Anti-Virus companies fall short on their internet speed. This is because their focus is not high-speed VPN service but security. However, this is not the case with Bitdefender VPN.

We tested 5 servers of Bitdefender VPN using 100mb internet and here are the results.

  • United States

Ping: 50ms

Download: 45Mbps

Upload: 20Mbps

  • Japan

Ping: 120ms

Download: 39 Mbps

Upload: 16 Mbps

  • Netherlands

Ping: 70ms

Download: 61Mbps

Upload: 42Mpbs

  • United Kingdom

Ping: 87ms

Download: 56 Mbps

Upload: 39Mbps

  • Canada

Ping: 165 ms

Download: 37 Mbps

Upload: 14 Mbps

Although, the numbers are not outstanding, with OpenVPN tunneling protection they are above average.

Bitdefender VPN Unblocks Netflix (on some servers)

Netflix does want to entertain its users but draws a line for those who use a proxy server or a VPN. Netflix started to block VPNs, but Bitdefender VPN is not one of those unfortunates.

We tested six servers of Bitdefender VPN randomly and found out that 3 out of those 6 unblocked Netflix.

Servers that allowed Netflix

  • Germany
  • Romania
  • Indonesia

Servers that were blocked by Netflix

  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • United States

Though Bitdefender VPN is in the category of VPNs that unblock Netflix, it failed to impress us as its United States server was blocked, and Netflix US has the biggest library. This means that you can miss out on your favorite show if it is not streamed on the server that is available with Bitdefender Netflix compatible servers.

How to Setup Bitdefender on Windows

This Romanian based VPN has its dedicated windows client which is user-friendly and has a simple user interface. Here is how you can setup Bitdefender on your desktop.

  1. Buy Bitdefender premium subscription and download their dedicated client for windows.
  2. Install the application and launch client.
  3. The VPN’s interface is simple and straightforward.
  4. Tap “Connect,” and you are done.
  5. While connected the elapsed time is shown at the bottom part of the interface.

How To Setup Bitdefender on Android

Bitdefender VPN on Android

Bitdefender VPN helps Android users to keep their data private every time they go online via unprotected Wi-Fi at the airport or malls. A VPN provides a tunnel between your Android device and the internet network so that your internet traffic travel’s safe without getting compromised.

Here is how you can setup Bitdefender on your android device.

  1. Buy Bitdefender subscription and download their dedicated app for Android.
  2. Tap connect/disconnect button from the dashboard.
  3. Watch the status of Bitdefender VPN, it will show “VPN is ON.”
  4. To select a server at your will, Go to VPN tab
  5. Tap server location
  6. Select one from the given locations.

How to Setup Bitdefender on Mac

Bitdefender VPN gives wholesome coverage to a user and protects them from any kind of malicious activity on the web. With Bitdefender VPN your internet traffic is redirected through a separate server which not only hides your identity but also makes it equally impossible for someone to identify you.

Bitdefender VPN on MacHere is how you can setup Bitdefender VPN on Mac.

  1. Purchase Bitdefender premium subscription and download their client for Mac.
  2. Install the VPN client and click the status on top of the screen.
  3. Select server location and hit connect.

The cog icon of the top right of the screen has four options;

  • My Account: Gives details about your Bitdefender account and the VPN subscription.
  • Settings: Customize the behavior of the product as per your needs. You can set a VPN to run as the system starts up

Receive notifications when the VPN automatically connects and disconnects.

  • Upgrade to Premium: If you are not using the premium version of the product, then you can simply pay $6.99/month to get a premium monthly account.
  • Support: you can contact the customer support representative if you are in need of some help.
  • Quit: closes the application.

Final Thoughts on Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN shares close ties with Bitdefender Total Security; this makes the VPN product a complimentary service. It is a cheap, secure and trustworthy VPN, offers essential features to ensure online privacy.

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Bitdefender VPN shares a little on their website, and their FAQ’s do not cover all aspects. This shady approach by the product may shake the trust of a potential customer. Bitdefender VPN should add more information about what they offer so that a potential customer may find the product reliable and trustworthy.

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