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According to Small Business Trends, 97% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Another survey at Inc. suggests that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends. However, we’re not sure to what extent one can trust reviews posted on the internet. Either way, we still need some sort of confirmation or support when choosing a product or a service.

Naturally, the best way to know whether a product or a service is worth your time is to look for the opinions of those who had already used it. Unfortunately, online reviews are no longer a reliable source of information, especially since many companies pay people to post positive reviews even if they had never used the specific item they are reviewing.

Finding the Right VPN Service

If you’re looking for a good VPN service for security, data encryption, or perhaps to access locked content, there are several things you should keep in mind. Before you start searching for online reviews, you should first understand what kind of VPN service to look for.

For starters, look for VPNs with proper protocols and strong network encryption. Make sure the service you choose offers many different servers. The more servers are on the list, the more options you will have when it comes to switching IP address locations and bypassing geographically blocked content.

Finally, the right VPN service should offer active and live customer support with a team of professionals who are ready to assist you at any time. Once you’ve found a service with all these qualities, you can proceed to look for online reviews. However, before you start reading them, you need to learn how to recognize which reviews are valuable and trustworthy and which ones are fake or exaggerated.

Online ReviewsKnowing Which Online Reviews to Trust

The internet is full of fake online reviews. Some of these reviews are written by people who get paid to praise someone’s products, while some negative reviews come from people’s biased points of view. In other words, you need to learn how to navigate through the labyrinth of valuable and invaluable online reviews to discover the real truth about the product or service you are interested in.

Despite millions of reviews based on one-sided opinions, negative reviews can be of tremendous value, as long as they are written reasonably. When looking at online reviews, you should always look at the broader picture. Always check the person behind the review and never base your decision on one comment. Make sure to check the reviewer’s profile and see if they’ve posted reviews elsewhere. If a person has posted over 10 or 20 reviews in a short period of time, chances are they are getting paid to do so.

After all, you need to take into consideration multiple reviews and find similarities and differences between them. For example, if a same comment or idea is mentioned in multiple reviews, chances are it is a true and valuable piece of information. The best way to find valuable information is to check the three-star reviews. The three stars represent a middle area where the user is neither too satisfied nor too disappointed with the service.

Three-star reviews are usually the most objective ones. Those who were paid to praise the product usually stay in the five-star zone, whereas the overly subjective reviews remain at one or two stars. Therefore, the three-star zone is the most valuable source of both negative and positive information about the service.


Basing your decision solely on online reviews can be tricky since we can never be entirely sure whether those reviews are honest. The best way to find out whether a service is worth your time is to try it out through the free trial period which is usually offered by VPN service providers that are confident in the quality of its product.

However, if you want to focus on reviews, stay away from online reviews posted on blogs. Bloggers often get paid to post detailed and overly positive reviews, which leaves the customers in the dark. Make sure to look for reviews on Google or official app stores and always read multiple opinions before making a decision.

Therefore, once you start your search for the right VPN service, keep the mandatory features in mind and look for valuable reviews on official pages. Read through the three-star reviews to get a general idea about the service. If they offer a free trial, take advantage of it, so you don’t have to rely on strangers’ opinion!

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    I never thought about reading three-starts reviews. When I bought my vpn (I am using Nordvpn) I found so many great reviews with five stars and so many articles about all benefits and I honestly still think, most of them were written by real customers. Now, as a user, I can say it works okay, but I don’t like that I can’t choose the city where I want to log in and also maybe the price is a little bit too expensive.

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