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VPN: Isn’t it the word of hope for all of us? Let’s have a look at some use cases for VPN’s:

There are people who:

  • Need a VPN for all our naughty needs (and let us not forget those who have to download entertainment or other digital products from Torrents)
  • Need a VPN to watch Netflix outside of the USA
  • Stay at a hotel and use a VPN to establish 100% trust in their private browsing.
  • Live in a country which censors social media
  • Want to cloak the VOIP phone calls on an insecure connection.
  • Need a VPN for their online businesses

We all need it. Here are the best practices for choosing the right VPN service.

  1. A Need Analysis

In the world of academics, need analysis is something of paramount importance to see the needs of a particular target group.

We need to do the same here.

In a report by there is a list of dark websites that one should visit for particular gains.

This is just one of the reasons why people use VPN: to access the dark web (in a safe mode) and get whatever they want to get.


Even if your need is not to go deep dark, you need to identify the need and you should buy a VPN that is good to quench that particular need.

For example, if you love to watch movies online, you need a high-speed VPN, to enjoy seamless streaming of online movies and seasons.

  1. Privacy is the Key

You must know that most of the people who use a VPN, HAVE to hide their IP or they will face legal problems because of infringing someone’s copyrights.

To make it simple, if you use VPN to watch movies online (on a shady website without a license) or you use it to download stuff from torrents, you need a VPN that is focused on privacy.

You need a VPN that is not free and thus it takes good care of your personal data and privacy. In simple, you should choose a VPN that does not store the traffic logs.

Take a good look at the privacy policy of a VPN before you buy it.

  1. Get a VPN with More Locations

While there are free VPNs like Zenmate and others that offer you a good VPN service for free, there are problems with them.

The most important reason why you should skip such free VPNs and go for a good and paid one is that these VPNs do not offer many locations.

For example:

ZenMate does not offer any location from the Middle East unless it is paid. If you need a VPN to Geo-Shift the location, always find those that have many locations available.

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It is also very important for those who are into the internet business.

At times when you target a country that is not yours, you need a VPN of that country to make it look like you’re from that country.

  1. Need for Speed

Back to the online video streaming thing. Video streaming is not always like it is on YouTube.

Some websites where you can see some movies or seasons for free are not always good for sat streaming.

Plus, when you pick a free VPN like ZenMate, you know that a lot of people are already using it, and thus the speed is mostly not good.

This is the situation where you feel the need for speed. In such a crunch better go for a VPN that promises and ensures better speed 24 hours of a week.

Here’s a list of the fastest VPNs that are considered good for HD or 4K video streaming.

  1. Do the Math

Picking a good and paid VPN is like doing Math; one needs to take into account all the aspects and features offered by each VPN and minus the cons to finally find out the exact match for your needs.

It is not like every VPN is the same. Each and every VPN company has its own priorities. Some prioritize speed, while others prioritize privacy.

You need to find one that presents the average best of all priorities or one that is synced with your VPN need.

  1. Price

Let us not forget:

You get what you pay for. VPN is not a cheap game, although there are those that offer pretty decent services at affordable rates.

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However, you cannot buy a VPN if you cannot afford this, so pricing is actually one of the most important factors that help you pick a VPN.

And that’s it, folks:

If you follow these 6 practices and points to pick a VPN, I believe that you will eventually pick a good one.

The point is to pick one that is synced with your special need and not go for a VPN with a plethora of features.

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