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Ivacy VPN









  • One of the cheapest VPN Service
  • Easy to install and Use
  • Kill Switch and Split Tunneling
  • Not Compatible with TOR


  • Can Not Unblock Netflix
  • Shady Money back Guarantee

In this unsafe modern era, online security is one of the biggest concerns that has to be dealt with and to preserve online security you have to get a VPN.

Due to the existence of a large number of VPNs, deciding the best one leads to a complicated debate. However, to deduce a conclusion out of it, let us narrow down the options and discuss the best VPNs.

When we talk about the best VPNs, only a few struck our minds, and one of them is Ivacy, which was founded in 2007 and over a decade later it can be safely said that it conquered the space in VPN market, primarily because of its pricing strategies and features.

Ivacy offers 100+ locations and allows 450+ servers globally to connect from all over the world.

Ivacy Features

The range of features is arguably the strongest point of Ivacy’s service. These features give you a valid reason to get Ivacy.

The wide range of Ivacy’s features include:

Dedicated IP

Ivacy provides you with a Dedicated IP, which means you are assigned an IP that masks your original IP. It allows you to operate your system privately without any unauthorized access.


Ivacy offers a wide range of Protocols that includes:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSTP
  • TCP
  • UDP

Every protocol offers different encryption and speed. You can select the protocol that you desire the most.

Low-Budgeted Privileges

Ivacy allows you to grab the opportunity to buy items at a low price. It provides you access to online shopping websites through a different location where the prices are low.

Similarly, Ivacy allows you to enjoy low airfares when you connect from different IP/locations. Through which you can buy the tickets at relatively lower prices which otherwise would have cost you more.

Rock-Solid Security Online

It may be that while traveling or casually hanging out in public places, you tend to detect a public Wi-Fi on your device and you are more likely to connect to it without realizing the consequences of such an action.

Such public Wi-Fi networks are more likely to be a set up by hackers, and through these platforms, they tend to get access to your personal information and data.

However, if you use Ivacy, it will prevent you from becoming a victim of cybercrime. It is because Ivacy uses 256-bit encryption that makes your connection too strong to be hacked.

5-Simultaneous Logins

This particular feature of Ivacy allows you to connect up to five different devices simultaneously with only one Ivacy account.

It enables you to secure more than just one device at the same time, simultaneously. You can surf more, do more and utilize great features of Ivacy.

Streaming Anonymously

Ivacy gives you the opportunity to stream anonymously. There are streaming websites which you cannot access from a particular location.

Ivacy assigns you a different IPs through which you can easily access these websites and stream with ease of mind.

Downloading Content

When it comes to downloading content, it is more easily said than done since the sites do not allow you to access and make it difficult for you to download. However, if you have Ivacy, it is more easily done than said.

Ivacy allows you to break through the barriers and download as much content as you desire.

Customer Service

Ivacy’s customer service is known to be the best amongst the best VPN providers, no matter how well other VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN it has barely happened that these known VPNs customer care has matched the standards of Ivacy customer care.

Ivacy provides quick response to complaints service, agents are quite active and do their jobs very efficiently and effectively.


Customer service is not the only area where Ivacy excels. Ivacy’s prices is another factor that makes it better than the other VPN providers.

Ivacy provides quite low budgeted packages that make it very competitive in the market. Its packages include:

  • Monthly Package ($9.95/month)
  • Yearly Package ($3.33/month)
  • Two-year Package ($2.25/month)

Final Thoughts

So far you have plenty of factors to see if Ivacy’s position in the market is justified. We believe that providing so many features at such low prices makes Ivacy the best option available. We would advise you to choose Ivacy. Still, it is your call in the end.

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