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  • Geographically diverse servers
  • P2P/Torrenting Optimized Servers
  • PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN & IKEv2 Protocols
  • Internet Kill Switch, NAT Firewall, Provides DDoS Protection
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections


  • Some features didn’t fare well in testingNo free trial, but 31 Day Money back Guarantee
  • No free trial, but 31 Day Money back Guarantee
  • Log customers data

PureVPN a HongKong based company by the name of GZ Systems Ltd. happens to be the only one out there that currently offers users neither a free version nor a free trial of its services which can be a bummer for some people. It does however come with a 31-day money back guarantee which safeguards your money while you decide whether you want to stick with this VPN long term or not.

Price and Plans

The most expensive package offered by PureVPN starts at $10.95 for a month but if you’re lucky, you can also avail several discount offers up for grabs. You also get to choose the $64.92 yearly package which saves you 51% annually. If you ask us, we think that it is a convenient option to choose for the 2 years package given the massive discount which is $3.54 per month and saves you 68%!

PureVPN Price and DiscountsYou can choose your payment method based on your preferences. Following are the payment methods accepted by PureVPN.

PureVPN Payment Method

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • And believe it or not, your Starbucks gift cards! (Who knew the day would ever come?)

Based on the subscription plan that you choose, you will get access to five licenses that will be valid for all of the devices. This VPN provides you with clients for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS as well as for Android. You also get several browser extensions.


Features of PureVPN include P2P file sharing and torrenting on almost 200 of its servers. With the spit tunneling feature, you can easily choose specific traffic that runs through the VPN service. This way, you can add security to certain activities of yours while others remain under the light.

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However, there are things that PureVPN review will not cover for you as they aren’t offered by PureVPN’s service. For instance, take the example of the Tor Network which VPNs such as NordVPN provide.


Ozone happens to be an advanced firewall feature that has its own set of tricks for you. It is an antivirus feature offered by PureVPN that scans all of your files for potential threats and blocks future attacks.

PureVPN Software InterfaceUsers can also very easily block certain kinds of websites such as adult sites to shield kids and family from it all.

PureVPN Web Filter OptionsGravity

With PureVPN’s Gravity feature you can bypass several potential data leak issues.

PureVPN Gravity FeatureKill Switch

The client offers you a firewall based kill switch for your own protection. This particular feature prevents any kind of traffic to enter or exit your device unless you are connected to a reliable VPN such as PureVPN. Since this tends to happen to users a lot, this feature comes in handy.

PureVPN Internet Kill Switch FeatureAdditional Features by PureVPN

  • PureVPN Wi-Fi Security

Since we test so many VPNs for our readers, we tend to see this feature in quite a lot of VPN services out there. The VPN automatically detects when the device you are using connects to an unsecure Wi-Fi network. As a direct result of this, you get an immediate prompt on your device to connect to PureVPN. This feature is highly beneficial when one is at a threat from hackers.

  • Dedicated IP Addresses

With this VPN, you get two types of dedicated IPs to choose from. One is the traditional dedicated IP which you can avail at $1.99 per month. This dedicated IP provides you with a unique Internet Protocol. With this, you can access services such as BBC and Netflix which are popular streaming services that are known for detecting VPN IPs from the get-go. Since this IP is unique and cannot be associated with any VPN service, it is safe for use. The other IP is a disposable one that you can use once and then dispose of.

  • Advanced Port Forwarding

This feature is great for you if you want to remotely access your computer while connected to a VPN. With the help of port forwarding, a VPN will not distract you will you run your own games server or anything else of the like.

  • Internet Security Suite

This happens to be one of the features that did not test well in the tests we ran on this VPN service. However, this does not overshadow the overall benefits that PureVPN brings to the table.

Supports All Major Protocols

This isn’t the first time a VPN technology has emerged. VPN services have been around for quite a while which only means that there is no one way to create an encrypted tunnel, but rather more. PureVPN supports all major VPN protocols that include the following.

  • IKEv2
  • L2TP
  • PPTP
  • OpenVPN
  • SSTP

All of the above mentioned protocols apart from PPTP offer you with 256-bit encryption which is the highest grade encryption you can ask for. PPTP however offers you 128-bit encryption which is also not that bad. But, for the heavy lifting, we suggest the other VPN protocols with the 256-bit encryption.

Unrestricted Torrenting

Peer to peer happens to be the preferred method of file sharing all over the world, especially for Torrent users. Thousands of movies, games, TV shows, documentaries, videos and songs can easily be found and downloaded through Torrent sites. However, with the strict piracy laws such as DMCA acts in every country, the downloading of such illegal copyrighted files off of Torrent sites can prove to be risky.

Server and Performance

PureVPN provides you with an adequate number of servers spanning all over the world. There is an estimate of 750 servers that this VPN gives you access to that are located in over 140 countries.

Speed Tests Review (Via

We ran a series of tests on different servers offered by PureVPN. The servers we tested were based in United States. United Kingdom, Australia and in Canada. Following are the results.

Before Connecting PureVPN

Before speed test we checked our internet connection speed. We are using 10mbps dedicated connection below is our internet connection speed.

Speed Test without PureVPNUS NewYork Server

When we connected our device to PureVPN, the speed testing website reported the following results. These results are based off an encrypted internet connection.

PureVPN Speed Test New York ServerAs you can see, the ping and upload speed took a severe hit and the download speed remained much better in comparison to upload and ping.

UK London Server

When we ran a speed test on the UK server PureVPN, following were the results we received.

PureVPN Speed Test UK London ServerThe ping rate went down rather significantly when we were connected to the UK based server, the download speed and the upload speed went up.

Canada Toronto Server detected the following results when we connected to the Canada based server of PureVPN.

PureVPN Speed Test Canada Toronto ServerThe ping rate went up, however, the downloading speed took a hit. Whereas, but the upload speed did not show drastic change.

Australia Melbourne Server

Take a look at the following results we received when we connected to the Australian server offered by PureVPN.

PureVPN Speed Test Australia Melbourne ServerThe ping rate went high up. However, the download and upload speeds took the most significant hit.

It is important to recognize the fact that no matter which VPN you connect your device to, it will slow down your download and upload speeds a little but that is just the price you pay for browsing securely.

Setup and Interface

When you sign up to create an account with PureVPN, you will need to provide your email and password for billing purposes. If you are a first-time user, it is possible that you may find the login process a bit complicated. When you access the application on your device, you will be given a choice between five options.

  1. Stream
  2. Security/Privacy
  3. File sharing
  4. Internet freedom
  5. Dedicated IP

PureVPN Hidden FeaturesWhile conducting a review on this VPN, we were impressed to see the number of customizable features PureVPN provides its users. There are some hidden features that you will discover once you subscribe to this service and start using it for yourself.

Through the drop-down menu, you can choose your preferred tunneling protocol. You can also avail a stealth protocol that is a built-in feature of PureVPN.


PureVPN App Settings

All of these options were rated carefully based on their speed and security levels. What was interesting was that if you fail to select a protocol, the app selects one by default for you. This selection is based on deducing which protocol will give you the most security in that moment.

As a default setting, the windows client offered by PureVPN uses the IKEv2 VPN protocol but we recommend that you use OpenVPN as an alternative. You can also choose from other protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and STTP from the list  of App settings as shown below.

Once you’re through these settings, you are good to go.

PureVPN Refund Policy

PureVPN doesn’t offer users a free trial but it does offer them a month-long (31 days) money back guarantee. However, users should approach this matter with extreme caution. Some people have complained about not getting the refund that they are entitled to. Though PureVPN may be slow in this department, we found out that it does eventually fully refund the users what they are owed.


As we have mentioned, OpenVPN protocol is a good encryption option for you to be on as it allows you to easily compare between services. Following is a list of OpenVPN settings that PureVPN provides you that you can compare with competitors in the market to make your decision.

Control Channel

AES-256-bit-CBS cipher along with an RSA-2048 handshake encryption as well as a HMAS SHA384 hash authentication. Forward secrecy is also provided to you through a Diffie-Helman (DE) Key exchange.

This is a pretty secure setup for an advanced user. The 256-bit encryption is pretty impossible for hackers all over the world to crack which means that as long as you enable this feature in the VPN settings, you should be good.

Log and Privacy Policy of PureVPN

Since this is a Hong Kong based VPN company, it is not subject to several mandatory data retention laws that U.S. based VPNs have to be answerable to.

Following is a policy put forward by PureVPN in this regard.

We do NOT keep any logs that can identify or help in monitoring a user’s activity.”

However, the details of the 2017 FBI case completely went against this particular statement. In this case, PureVPN’s data logs were handed over to the authorities so that an arrest could be made. It is a fairly standard procedure for VPN services to cooperate with the authorities in matters such as these. But a VPN service can only hand over data logs if it has any, right? PureVPN keeps only connection logs and not browsing logs. This essentially means that PureVPN only knows the real user IPs and the number of times they logged into the VPN service, but nothing beyond that This ensures that the data of its users is safe from those who might exploit it for their own gains.

Other Platforms

With PureVPN, you get clients for Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS. In addition to all of this, PureVPN also provides users with customized applications for Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV. There are also PureVPN extensions available for Firefox, Chrome, DD-WRT as well as a Kodi VPN app. How amazing is that?

PureVPN Customer Support

Though there is a support section on the official website of PureVPN, the main customer support provided is through a 24/7 live chat feature that you can avail free of cost. You can also request a support ticket. When we tested this feature, we noticed that it has relatively improved since the last time we tested it. All in all, we would have to say that we were quite impressed with the quick and helpful responses we received.

Final Thoughts

There may be many features that PureVPN lacks, but with its easy-to-use interface with several customizable option ends up being a pretty great deal to avoid. When it comes to performance levels, PureVPN’s download speeds were unprecedented. However, there were some connection based issues. All in all, we believe that PureVPN checks most of the boxes of user requirements which is why in this PureVPN review, we would rate it a 8.5 out of 10.

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    I needed a VPN I could pay through Bitcoin for anonymity reasons and PureVPN lets me do that. Boy, I am more than happy with this VPN!

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    My last VPN didn’t have a kill switch feature. My laptop glitches all the time and that causes apps to connect and disconnect without my knowledge, including the VPN. So of course I was vulnerable online. PureVPN gave me the kill switch feature. But hey, I still have to test the feature so let’s see how it goes!

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