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2020 is turning out to be a year in which reliable digital connections are extremely important for travelers and workers on foreign assignments. There’s a high likelihood that travelers will find themselves unable to leave your foreign destination or even under quarantine.

At the time of this writing, Israel, for instance, is considering putting all US travelers in quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Even Americans who show no signs of illness are asked by the State Department to self-quarantine for 14 days after they have come back from China.

Travelers certainly need their Internet connections to keep up with the news. But for travelers quarantined in a country with few media restrictions, even enforced isolation can be a busy and productive time. The caveat to this principle is that travelers who find themselves spending unplanned time in a country that censors news, email, and Netflix and Hulu shows need a great virtual private network, that is, they need a top-quality VPN. For most international travelers seeking to stay digitally connected to home, the best choice in VPN is Surfshark. 

Savvy travelers will take advantage of free trial of Surfshark now. Here are the reasons they stay with the service after the free trial.

For travelers not familiar with VPNs

Some first-time travelers don’t know they need a VPN. A VPN sends data from the subscriber’s computer to computers hosting desired sites through an encrypted data tunnel. Sending data through an encryption tunnel has at least three advantages:

  • The VPN masks the user’s location and IP address. The encrypted data tunnel greatly increases user anonymity.
  • The VPN protects users against hackers and government surveillance. Devices used with an encrypted data tunnel are more secure.
  • The VPN allows users to connect to sites that may be blocked by local authorities. Many countries block search engines and news sites. Copyright restrictions may make television shows and movies unavailable even in countries with minimal censorship. There are countries that block Gmail. The VPN generates multiple IP addresses that enable access websites and online services that would otherwise be blocked.

There are some excellent and some not-so-excellent providers of VPN services. There are several reasons to rate Surfshark as the best.


Surfshark is offered at an attractive monthly rate. Surfshark is among the least expensive VPNs on the market. The monthly cost of Surfshark is just US $1.99 for customers who opt for a 24-month plan.

Browsing Protection in Hotspots Everywhere

Surfshark comes with CleanWeb, designed to stop malware and phishing. Even people who do not travel internationally benefit from using Surfshark with CleanWeb in the United States.  Experts confirm that Cleanweb protects user information in hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots in the United States. Cleanweb also blocks pop-up ads.

Military-Grade Encryption

Surfshark employs AES 256-bit encryption. This grade of encryption is used by government agencies, including most branches of the military and the NSA.

Privacy Policy

Surfshark keeps no logs of user activity. Even if they did, because they are based in the British Virgin Islands, there is no government authority to demand records of their customers’ Internet traffic.

File Sharing

Most VPN services block large files. Surfshark places no limits on person to person file sharing.

Robust Privacy Protection

Frequent business travelers know that there are many situations in which they will be monitored. They may travel to countries that restrict all politically sensitive communications. They may be monitored by staff of competing firms seeking to interfere with their efforts to put in bids or acquire new customers, and they may even be monitored by their own customers seeking to drive down price or force concessions.

Logging in through Surfshark greatly increases privacy protection. Like any other VPN, Surfshark ensures that the user’s computer logs into sites with a virtual IP address that cannot be traced back to the user’s computer. Sites record the IP address  of the VPN, not the IP address of the user’s computer. But Surfshark offers several layers of privacy protection beyond masking the user’s IP address.

  • Surfshark operates through a private domain name server (DNS). Surfshark maintains over 800 private domain name servers so any requests are made through the Surfshark DNS, not through a DNS that could leak user information.
  • Surfshark features a dedicated kill switch. A VPN tunnel requires a secure connection. If the website the user is visiting crashes, the user computer’s actual IP address can be exposed. Surfshark automatically stops the browsing session when a website being visited crashes to the identity of the computer is not recorded.
  • Surfshark has an additional feature called multiple hop. It allows users to connect to two websites at the same time without loss of anonymity. Very few of Surfshark’s competitors offer this feature.

Easy Access to Blocked Sites

Sooner or later nearly every traveler who does not have a VPN will have the experience of being blocked from a website because of location. This usually happens because of copyright restrictions. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and the major American television studios commonly limit access to content to the US or to the US and Canada.

Surfshark’s Camouflage Mode lifts blocks to sites because of geographic restrictions of copyright. There is also a No Borders mode for access to the full range of news and entertainment from the most restrictive countries.

Great Connection Speeds

A VPN is of little value if it is impossible to use it for video. Most VPNs provide slow connection speeds through their digital data tunnels. 

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