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Guidelines for Writing/Content Contribution

  1. The minimum word count for any article guide or review must be at least 900 words.
  2. Include at least 2 relevant images as images create interest for readers. Do not include Copywrite images. In-article mage size should be 800×450, the featured image should be 500×500 or any other size but in SQUARE shape.
  3. Content should be unique (unique in the sense that it is informative and not plagiarized) and not published anywhere.
  4. After your content is accepted at CriticThoughts, you will not publish it anywhere else. If we found a violation of our guidelines we will immediately remove your content.
  5. Take your time review your content, remove grammatical mistakes, add punctuation. Fact-check, and cite sources where possible.
  6. We have a complete right to change edit or include links in your content where necessary.
  7. When your content is ready, email us using our CONTACT US form.

We do not accept content/contribution outside our categories, so make sure before writing content you are following our categories.